MTT Beginner's Course - Week 2: The Early Stages

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Please enjoy the podcast of Week 2 of Asaban's MTT Beginner's Course. This week Asaban focuses on the early stages of MTTs and how you can build your stack taking advantage of the weak players


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  • Asaban


    Have fun with our second lesson!
    If you have any questions or feedback please post it in the coaching thread:
  • Oly0909


    For me video works up to 1:18:20, and then I get "Error loading media: File could not be played". Anyone else has that error?
  • Simek87


    from 7:40
  • Sleutha


    Oly, all you have to do is refresh and then just go to the part you left of
  • Jaquare


    is it normal i can hear but the image is all black?
  • MIM1C


    Appreciate the video. Really cool for beginners
  • sirilidion


    Why only bet 50 % pot even when you have more then 100 bb. Doing so in a cashgame would be wrong because you want to get it in with 3 bets postflop and chosing such a small betsize would mean you would have to make an overbet at some point to do so. So why isn't that the case with tournaments when the stacksizes are simular then they are with cashgames?
  • keekeess


    It doesn't work =/. Am I the only one experiencing this problem?