$2k SCOOP Deep Run Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $2100
  • Fullring
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PokerGuru returns with a review of his recent deep run in the $2k SCOOP on PokerStars Watch as one of the best in the MTT game takes on the higher stakes events


HH Review MTT Multi Table Tournament Multi-Table Tournament Multitable Tournament PokerStars SCOOP

Comments (7)

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  • NSMS21


    Interesting vid as always! Looking forward for the rest of this regs only table.
    Im curious however...why do you keep referring to glitchhopper as a bad player?
    Hes a shark....according to sharkscope at least.
  • RomzessX


    Finally i see stats. Ty for it.
  • Thrashattack


    nice! (:
  • pokerguru740


    He most certainly could be a good player so it's probably not that fair for me to assume he wasn't. He was however extremely flat happy and was running "fishy" numbers so I guess it was just an assumption I had at the time.
  • pKay


    Nice, enjoyed it! Keep em coming! :)
  • hartsah


    when part 2 is coming? like this video. one of the best mtt videos. like it
  • TimonBezPumba


    sir u missed a hand after KK vs QQ when u get 30k.After dat u lose 7k just before flatting the AJo ( i think u losse with K10s)