Call a 3bet, Face a Cbet

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Splitsuit is back with a video about facing cbets in 3bet pots. He will start with the call 3bet ranges and and continue with handling the cbet and creating profitable lines in general.


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Comments (23)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video from Splitsuit and leave your comments and questions below!
  • AlexGerasim


    Very nice format and very nice explanation. I like it! :)
  • alexpier


    thanks a lot
  • SplitSuit


    thank you to each Alex =)
  • 2Tilt2Win


    yeah :D thx a lot for the new vid ... I like your style and explanations ... very clean and easy to follow

    also u are the reason why I have Flozilla :D

    greeting from Germany
  • makasuta


    More more more of this! Excellent content. Great explains. 5 stars up!
  • Weshero


    Can u make a video about How to play against donk bets?
  • SplitSuit


    @2Tilt: you are very welcome, and hopefully you are enjoying Flopzilla as much as I do =)

    @maka: =)

    @wesh: I'll put it on my list of possible topics, surely
  • josepunk


    nice video, i'll be waiting more videos.

  • sipox


    Very nice vid sir!

    As usual very clear explanations and very nice style. I like how you never talk about std plays, but instead force ourselves to do the math and put the villains in ranges. And i think that just giving us the player type is much better than the detailed hud so that we can have a general plan based on ranges instead of over-focusing on hud stats.

    On the line of #7, could you add to your possible topics list also spots where we can donk in heads-up pots?

    I feel like I don't have a donking range at all, and most regs I see at my table don't either. It makes me wonder if I'm losing EV in there :?

    Looking forward to your next vid!
  • SplitSuit


    @jose: thanks!

    @sipox: Thank you as well! And I'll tack that on the list as well.
  • linis7


    good stuff
  • deluxeodelic


    @AK: What sense do you see in bluffraising the flop? Villain just folds worse hands wich would allmost everytime bluff an A or K on Turn or River.
  • deluxeodelic


    edit: the first AK -> btn vs bb
  • SplitSuit


    @linis: thank you!

    @delux: why do we assume a nit is going to bluff much, even on scare cards?
  • ggiants81


    Thanks again for a great video.
    You have the best video series I've seen in ages.
    I'm just a goldmember and don't know how the more premium content is, but I really enjoy your series and looking forward to the next episod.
    I'm checking the vid content Everyday to se if something new is released , that's how good i think it is, keep it up Split.
    Btw , do you do coachning ?
  • toateslafel


    Hi SplitSuit.
    I left a comment on your youtube channel : The Poker Bank.
    Here is the link:

    Can you reply please?
    Thanks and sorry for my english :D
  • SplitSuit


    @ggiants: Thank you so much! I also have a bunch of free videos on YouTube if you do a search for 'SplitSuit'

    I do offer coaching, but I'm not taking new students until August

    @toates: I'll check it out now
  • fusionpk


    Also w/ AK u just block the hands u are trying to fold, seems rly dumb to me
  • fusionpk


    I think the idea of raising some flops vs wide ranges is fine. Hand selection is key though overall the scenario you describe is pretty bad.
  • fusionpk


    2nd AK I mean what? If nit 3bs UTG then ofc we fold AK. However you explicitly build practically the only scenario in which we can cold call, since villain may have a wider range (3b iso'ing fish) and since villain will play faceup postflop (thanks to the fish) and finally since we can extract value out of the fish postflop.

    The thing I don't get about this vid is there are plenty of sound concepts, but you pick the totally wrong spots? If you wanted to show that hero should fold AK in this spot then you should use a Tag opening and a Tag/nit 3b'ing, not the exact spot where you don't have to fold?
  • elpsycho


    I have a question:

    We open with 99-TT and get 3bet from BB. We can assume that he has a polarized range with top hands something like AK+, QQ+. We call and flop comes J high (texture doesn't matter). BB bets and we call.

    Turn is a blank and board is still J high (occasionally Q high). Opp checks and at stakes below NL100 opp eil often take this line with AK.

    So here is the question: you say that there is no point in betting turn. AK will fold and we will get called only by stronger hands. AK have 13% (suited on flush board a bit more). So why can't we bet about half pot to maybe get value from his AK and if he folds his equity on the turn isn't it good for us?
  • ConteCaly


    beautiful video!!! thanks fot tp...