MicroMillions Deep Run Review - Road to the Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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In the second part of his review, rodgethat continues on searching leaks in our hero's game, focusing this time on late stages and final table.


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  • imgoingtomirage


    Rodgethat continues his review. We are in late stages of $11 MicroMillions freezout!

    How did our hero do? Watch the video, and remember to leave any questions or comments below :)
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    Hi, few questions:

    00:25 KJo Isnt better to just shove here for ~14bb eff? We don't really want to r/c sb unless he is aggro and i think r/f this hand is gonna be a waste. I guess we don't need to balance our range here.

    01:40 JJ I like this flop sizing, we don't have that much value here and we probably can't go for cbet/call. The only problem is we can sometimes induce check/raises with draws but vs passive players i still like more small cbet here.

    05:35 ATs Vs unk definitely check/call>>>cbet on this board. Again, we don't have that much value here. How you react vs raise and let's say barell turn?

    08:35 22 Shove is muuuch better here. I would rather open fold than minr that. You have no CRE and you can't call nobody except BB which isn't actually that +EV. As played i think small cbet would be better than c/f but you got the point he have tight flatting range there so i don't mind c/f.

    15:35 K9s I would definitely defend here. Way to good hand to fold with this odds. What is your calling range here then?

    25:50 22 Juicy spot to limp/shove here. What you think?
  • grayarea


    Nice video! I had a comment on 20:20 66. I looked at this hand in Holdem Resources Calculator using 2 rounds of future game simulation. For various payout structures it thinks 66 is a very close shove but more like breakeven for flatter MTT payouts. FGS is super handy for looking at these EP shoves.
  • rodgethat


    Thanks for the comments guys!

    #1 00:25 totally player dependant imo open shoving is fine but if say the sb was a nit I would rather r/f vs him. Also not sure how wide the sb will be jamming just because he knows we are committed to the bb. So he may be jamming a tighter range.

    05:35 Agree with you, would rather see a check call line, still get called by a lot of worse Ax and fds but will be tough to play. Hard to say how I would play vs a raise/barrel since it so player dependant and vs a random I wouldn't be cbetting. As played I would be folding since we made our cbet sizing so large.

    08:35 open shoving is totally fine, I just like taking the lower variance route in these small buy in mtts and think people don't defend wide enough. That's why I prefer min r/f, in a tougher/higher buy in I would just be open jamming.

    15:35 hate saying totally player dependant over and over :P but it is. If the opener is opening a wide range I am for sure defending k9s, but if he is a tight opener I would fold.

    25:50 Limp jamming this I think would be too wide just because of icm, would have to run the math on it but off the top of my head seems like its too wide, esp since this guy hasn't really messed with us to much. Would assume he is going to be fairly polarized in his raising range here and with him playing tighter it will be more heavily weighted to value. Plus with 22 we don't block any of his value hands, least with Ax we do and play better all in vs his pairs.
    Without icm maybe in some mid stage game I think this is a great spot for a limp jam and do it all the time.

    # thanks! Agree this is close think r/f or even just open folding is better than jamming here.

    Thanks for the great questions guys! Keep them coming!
  • elpsycho


    Hi! I have a question about 3bets and 4bets with short stacks. @2:20 you are talking about 3betting smaller, not all-in. But we are 15bb deep, isn't that too shallow not to 3bet all-in?
    @4:20 you said you would prefer a small 4bet, and again we're 20 bb deep. Why shouldn't we just push?