Matrix: Thinking properly

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In the first video of the Matrix series Spanish coach Zer0s will present his view on the correct way of thinking, will share a lot of tips of unconscious losses and will illustrate the importance of proper thinking with a few Cbet examples vs different ranges.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video!
  • circe


  • CBET1988


    quite usefuull
  • mataremata


    uffff me he puesto nervioso... pensaba que Zer0s había vuelto...
  • Shakaflaka


    #4 yo también!!! que subidón me había pegado jejeje
  • owi85


    dont you think its a little simplistic to say "we cant bluff AT3r vs. tight calling ranges" as in example 1 and 2? while a cbet in a vacuum might not be immediately profitable, our BTN opening range is obviously way stronger towards the top end, even vs. a tight CC range from the BB
  • owi85


    that being said, i agree that a lot of ppl probably over and auto-cbet these high-high-low boards
  • MarceloBokkka


  • aniadorofi


    I recommend worth seeing.
  • sipox


    #4-5 jaja +1

    Pensaba que había vuelto para continuar con la serie matrix o puzzle :(
  • Kuschelbaer


    I think you're interpreting the Flopzilla categories incorrectly. "PP below TP" are all pockets between the highest and the middle card on the board, while "Weak Pairs" are all pairs below the middle board card.
    In example #2 you assume that Villain check/calls all his pockets 88-44 and 22 to a cbet from Hero. I don't think this is what most regulars would do. If you deselect "weak pairs" in your Flopzilla in this scenario, villains impact will drop from 77.5% to 63.3%, which would make a 1/2 psb with complete air profitable.
  • SirTradeAlot


    the arts of dynamic play - good one! thx!
  • kidzoltan


    Very intresting video! TY for translating it! And I hope the next part will also be available for us!