MTT Beginner's Course - Week 3: The mid stage

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The third lesson takes you into the mid stages of a tournament. You will learn the push or fold play and get to know the concept of steals and re-steals.


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  • darkonebg


    Have fun with the 3rd lesson! Post your questions in the thread below:

  • SiKWiThIt


    Another great beginners lesson thanks a lot!
  • Masqb


    starts @ 8.00
  • Jaquare


    another great vid!! Thanks asaban!!
  • Launch74


  • MIM1C


    I always have problems in middle stages of an MTT, i bust most here :( Thanks for making this
  • KostasTech


    Really why, just very slow video... it could have been edited to 1hour....
    Critic has intention to make you better.
  • Dominik12345


    Do you have a specific formula how to calculate the pot odds preflop like you did with the pocket 88?
    Unfortunately I don't understand it.
  • Dominik12345


    I don't think that your explanation matches with the calculation what you are actually doing