MTT Beginner's Course - Week 4: The late stage

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The late stage of a tournament required a unique play style, different to early or mid game stages. Learn how to adjust to late game and final table play.


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  • darkonebg


    Have fun with the 4th lesson! Post your questions in the thread below:

  • VasDeferens


    Okay it's a late stage video but why does it take over 6 minutes to start??
  • Masqb


    starts @6.40
  • ritschy22


    its recorded coaching vid . and the stream starts before the coaching actually begins thats why it starts at 6:40!

    its not recorded main video for the section
  • MIM1C


    Nice video series, appreciate all the work put into these
  • sirilidion


    "It is Always good to post hands" I know right wouldn't it be awesome if a professional handjudge could review those, oh wait :(
  • KostasTech


    Very slow video come on... It could be edited man to 40 min max.