NL $25 FR Session Review

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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If you have the Starting Hand Chart off pat, then this video might be interesting for you. Hasenbraten shows you, which hands are profitable to complete, if you have good implied odds.


Session Review

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  • crashed1


  • allbusiness


    in minute 21 with AKo on KJ4r board, wouldn`t it be better to his raise on the flop to reraise/fold? since just with a call you don`t get any information about his hand??? with out anything else, the kindest of regards adn thank you for sharingthis videos...
  • Maniatrix


    reraise fold on partypoker, reraise call on pacific :)
  • craguli


    video ended before the last hand finished for me, you have a bad result and cut it out? lol ;)
  • TheBrood


    nice video, interesting how you dont cbet KJx flop with QQ in position to induce a bluff.
    How does the last hand end? I would fold to c/r since our outs arent clean.
  • looserbaby79


    +1 to fold last hand - our opponent can have better straight set or flushdraw
    nice video thanks
  • GeminiAA


    erstmals möchte ich sagen, dass es ein interessantes video ist! gefällt mir gut.

    aber bei mir reißt das video am ende ab! bitte überprüft mal, ob schon das ganze video drauf ist, denn bei mir fehlen ein paar minuten.
  • clandestineAl


    Yeah what happened in the last hand???
  • Lukasz40i4


    Great video, thanks!