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Stasia42 will present his view to playing without a HUD (or a shirt for that matter) in a vacuum and approaching the game with tight opening rases. He will show his process of making initial notes and color coding while playing on a zoom table.


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  • ZackBigPack


  • toateslafel


    NL200 for gold, niceee!!

    Btw funny guy and nice video :D
  • darkonebg


    Glad you enjoyed it guys!
    You can leave your questions for Stas in the comments below
  • mataremata


    Fold A8o en SB aqui dejé de ver el video. Gracias
  • Weshero


    Very funny thinking process, and valuable advices make your videos the nuts!
  • mymyshor


    nice video!
  • Deeef


    nice video, nice guy !
  • Stasia4242


    Hi Guys and thanks for feedback!

    #Zack - Not exactly Russian... Belarus rulezzz! :P
    #Toat - Always try to put a smile, life is soooo much Easier
    #Matar - Normalmente Yo Raise AXo, SBvsBB, menos que el Big Blind es muy Loose y Agresivo...

    Aquí estamos jugando en el vacío, abriendo mui Tight rangos, creo que está bien para Fold de vez en cuando AXo.

    Gracias por tu :P

    #WesHero, #MyMy TYTY guys, really glad to see you guys enjoyed it!
  • shipit2menow


    not trying to start a fuss here or anything, but could you (or maybe somebody else that knows you) provide any credentials/graphs/whatever so that we can have an overview of your overall success in poker?

    since i haven't heard from you until now, i think it's reasonable to request additional info about a persons accomplishments prior to watching his/her videos. i'd just like to know who i'm learning from.

    again, no offence.
  • yellowsock


    Great stuff, superb approach, keep it up coach, and cant wait for more action.
  • mataremata


    if villane is very aggressive and you don´t wanna play A8o oop in 3bet pot or do a 4bet i prefer limp/Call before fold

  • Stasia4242


    #Shipit - No fuss and no worries, the PokerStrategy guys have all my graphs, they decided to put my 2012 Cash graph which was my best year where I played professionally.

    In 2013 I took 7th place in the SCOOP Main-Event worth 90k, and in 2014 I have a 2bb/100 winrate at Zoom 500nl for ~130k hands.

    I'm doing a LOT of things besides playing poker, so Volume sucks :(

    # Yellow - thanks! Action is coming (like the Winter :P)

    #Mater - Again, The video is not my "Standard" game, I just wanted to show some Vacuum, Tight, Simple-To-Play poker varient, that can be used VS strong, thinking opponents, that doesn't try to Maximize Profits, but to Minimize Losses.... Limping from SB is a very difficult spot to play VS good opponents.

    Next vids will show other varients and styles of Poker-Play, hope u'll find the Style that talk to you :}
  • SgtJackColt


    What's the reason you open all SCs and S1Gs, especially the low ones? Is it because people at higher limits are more thinking and you don't want to be kinda capped on low boards?
  • Stasia4242


    #SQT - First of all, when you think about Frequencies, a Suited hand is ~0.3% of all hands, while an Offsuit hand is ~0.9% of all hands,

    Meaning that I can open from CO 3 SC instead of 1 AXo and it will be the same Frequency.

    By opening SC, my range is less linear, allowing me to his low boards, but more important!

    SC allows me better Cbetting Frequencies than AXo for example, just imagine all the rainbow flops that I can Cbet, collecting the dead money, and putting additional presure OTT when my FD comes after opponent's call OTF.
  • AggroNitt


    Verry nice video and format. Keep going like that!
  • AggroNitt


    ElusiveMark is Mark Lammerts, elite Pro on runitonce ;), pretty solid player..

    Dont like the way you played the pocket 55.
    I think i prefere 3betting and u also could consider folding.Without reads that sb has bigger postfllop leaks i would fold to his Squeeze
  • fraleb


    I like this, your explanation, verry good.
    29:20 the 55 hand, you said, you hate playing capped ranges.
    but did you not play a capped range also if you 4bet ?
  • AggroNitt


    JQs: Do u always flat in sb or just becouse of the crippled stak in the BB?

    Generelly speaking ;): Do u have a mixed strategy or a 3bet only Strategy against Regs?
  • w34z3l


    From the UK. I guess I'm a fish =(
  • Stasia4242


    #Aggro - Yeah I know Mark through the 2+2 community, very good and solid player, who succeeds in winning with somewhat passive play style without many Cbets...


    #Aggro + #Fraleb

    Regarding the 55 hand, flatting PP from BU vs CO open is very standard IMO, 3betting it would be a bad play in Vacuum I think, it would mean turning it into a bluff + very hard playing it in 3bet pot if CO calls.

    Folding it is out of the question.

    Flatting 2bet + 4betting it would be a very high-variance move, not what I intended to show in a Tight-Vacuum-Without-HUD Vid :}

    I think it's OK flatting to the SB sqz in this depth, I would fold up until 120bb effective, but because of our depth, I think I have a better chance taking the hand with my positional advantage,

    OBV folding it is fine as well.
  • Stasia4242


    #Aggro - Regarding QJs hand, I think it's OK to 3bet/flat/fold it, try to mix it up and adjusting to varios opponent types.

    For example, if BU's RFI is 50% and above, I rather 3bet it, if it's 35% I rather Flat, if it's 25% then fold.

    If there is a Squeezer in the BB, then 3bet>flat IMO.

    If there's a fish in the BB, I would almost always flat as playing with fish in the hand >>>> reg VS reg


    To answer your second question, I try to always, ALWAYS adjust to ranges that play VS me, and to opponent's tendencies (aggro/pass), so in each and every poker spot, I have at least 4 different moves in my Arsenal :P
  • Stasia4242


    @w34 - So does Stephen Chidwick, Simon Deadman, Liv Boeree, Niall Farrell & Max Silver....:}

    Don't be offended, I just like to talk in steryotypes, like all Israelis are loose-aggro-donks that never fold a hand, so does Brazilians,

    Greece-guys will be somewhat passive, same goes for Chinese etc. :P
  • AggroNitt


    Regarding to your advice do raise linear on wet Flops: I woukd like to see more analysis where u raise the Flop.

    I dont know wheather i realy want to raise that much on wet Flops becouse im not sure if its max ev in many Spots.

    As example:

    Lets say we are Co and Openraiser is Ep and the Flop comes 44s3s.

    If i raise my Fdraws (109s or so) and got a 4bet it would be an pretty ugly spot.

    On the other side V could Bluff a lot on this Flop with overcards that i want to keep Barrel on the Turn if i have QQ or so.

    What do u think?
  • Moneyspender1991


    Lol A8o fold from SB ?? )
    Что за странные ренджи опенрайзов я вообще не понимаю? С СБ 25 ? ))) И конекторы почему не открываешь вообще ниоткуда? Я практически уверен что на 500к ты точно в минус уйдешь. Если и правда так деньги можно делать, то мой мозг перевернулся.
  • AnaJorge


    One of the best videos at PS, really entertainning and with a lot of good info !
    thanks, and waiting for the next ones !
  • ArtySmokes


    Most of the time when someone does a live session, it's really dull, but you made this one entertaining as well as educational. It was cool to see you smiling as you made your c-bets. Great stuff!
  • HkFui


    Always very interesting for me to see good players reasoning without stats. Generally speaking, taking off the shirt is then just consequent ;)
  • BorekB


    you are winning zoom w this nitty ranges?what's ur overall stats?and redline is that good? i mean like UTG no scs?10% open? mp no sc T9-? sb steal 25??
    ppl at zoom(regs) arent that bad to understand how narrow ur range is , utg is way too tight, they give u lot of credit and mostly u will just get coolered, def not stack off light vs somebody.
  • Stasia4242


    #Aggro - generally speaking, if you have a drawing hand, and you think you have no Fold Equity from raising the hand, then you better off just call (pot odds + implied).

    If you feel you do have Fold Equity, raising will almost always be more profitable with drawing hand than just calling + you improve your profit from strong made hands in the same spot.

    If EP opens, this means usually tight range. if he Cbets OOP on wet flop, this narrows his range again, so in this spot it seems like you don't have enough Fold Equity so prob calling is better.

    In order to defend your calling range in this spot, you will prob have to take Medium/Strong made hands and turn them into bluff catchers..

    What I was saying in the Vid regarding almost not having a calling range IP on wet flops, was about "war positions" such as Dealer VS CO, and BB VS SB, where wide ranges clash VS wide ranges...
  • Stasia4242


    #MoneySpender - Uze otvetil no etot vopros po Ispanski, a chas po Ruski...:}

    Etat video obisnayet kak igrat ochen Tight-Vacuum ranges, kotoriye probayat Minimazirivat Loss, yi ne Maximazirivat Profit...

    Eti rangi horosho igrat kogda toka proigral bolshuyu Pot, poluchil Bad Beat, ili prosta sedish v ochin Loose-Aggressive Igra...

    Konektori nahodatsa v CO, BU, yi SB Open Range...

    Udachi! :}
  • Stasia4242


    #Ana , #Arty , # HK - Tx a Bunch guys!

    I also used to watch Live Session recordings, it was a great way to fall asleep ASAP after sessions...:)

    I told to myself that if I ever would record such a session, mine will at least put a smile on viewers faces, glad to hear that my main goal was achieved :}
  • Stasia4242


    #Borek - Already answered this question in Spanish & Russian, hope the English version will "close the corner" on this subject..:}

    This Vid tries to teach the *Minimal* Opening Ranges that should be used (IMO) in a 6max cash game. Opening tighter than those ranges will result in not stealing the Blinds enough, and get "coolered" as you correctly said.

    Most people think that the best way to profit more $$ at the table is by improving their A-Game, e.g learning more poker theory, thinking about rare & problematic spots etc.

    What people don't understand (again, IMO), is that the easiest & fastest way to improve our profits is by minimizing our losses when we play our C-Game.

    I advise to use the Tight ranges shown in the Vid whenever you:

    1. Tilted.
    2. Lost a Big Hand / Got coolered.
    3. Suffered a Bad-Beat.
    4. Playing in an Unknown table / Vacuum, at least in the beginning, until you gather information about your opponents, their tendencies and leaks.
    5. Playing in a very Loose-Aggro game full of fish, like the Cash games in In Israel, Brazil and other places.
    6. When playing against a table full of good, thinking Pros.
    7. When playing very Tired, unfocused, etc.

    Those tight ranges bring you to somewhat easy spots, where it is usually not difficult to make the right decision, as shown in the Vid, where I had maybe 1 tricky spot (55 hand in 3bet pot), where I could've also just fold PF to make the Vid with Zero tough decisions, but the Depth+Position forced me to take the Spot :]


    I personally run on 28-22-8 in Zoom 200nl, and something similar in Zoom 500nl, but what is important to understand is that I adjust my ranges constantly based on Table Dynamics, Effective depth in terms of BB, types of players and my personal state of mind.

    In the next video I will show "Standard" RFI ranges of a 22-18 play-style, and in the next-next one I will show Loose-Ranges of 28-22 play-style, and then everyone will be pleased (I Hope..) :}


    Writing all this from the Airport, on my way to the Israeli Poker Championship held in Varna, Bulgaria, will be unavailable for a day or two, feel free to leave comments here and I will reply later on...

  • horsetranquilizer


    i like that you have a special label for isreali fish :D
  • horsetranquilizer


    had to lol
  • Moneyspender1991


    to #30

    Теперь все встало на свои места).

    Тебе тоже удачи;).
  • Moneyspender1991


  • pignon17


    Très bonne vidéo, merci... j'attends la suite avec impatience!
    Translation: french fish likes ur vid, ty very much, im excited to see the next one! :)
  • barbeysize


    so you tend to bluff against worst hands like AT in 3betpot oop on low flop or AQs on Kxxr IP. is that right?
  • MrsFold


    Great video : )
  • lsunsk


    I hate when people play poker in different style than their winning at.
    Did you win NL 200 by playing this style, if no then why are you showing me this.
    show your regular winning style so we can implement some parts in our game.
  • fallavena


    bad video
  • Stasia4242


    #Horse - Yeah, Israelis have a unique style of play :}
  • Stasia4242


    #Pignon - Merci merci, j'habitte au Tel-Aviv j'aime le chocolate :}
  • Stasia4242


    # Barbe - sorry, didn't quite understand the question + very difficult to answer about bluff-questions in vacuum..
  • Stasia4242


    # Isunk - Already answered this question in English, feel free to look at reply #32 :}
  • Stasia4242


    #MsFold & #Falla - Tx, you guys balance each other :]
  • sandraardnas


    Hey, you say that calling bvb to cbet on T9xs is bad, but bvb our calling range preflop is quite wide, we can have on this flop hand like T7o and many second pairs actually.
    So, do you intend to raise them all?
    Or you just want to raise for value as thin as possible on those flops?
    Also you said there will be many bad runouts for your hand where agresive palyer might barrel. Is it so bad? If he barrells a lot then we can just call, call, call.
  • Fiskantes


    why would you ever want to play 42s instead of K9s from CO/ J8s from BU? :O
  • barbeysize


    #44 you 3bet ATo oop and then cbet on 4xxx board twice and say smthn like "he floats alot and will fold broadway on turn and won't fold pocket pairs" so you bluff against hands you ahead of. same thing with AQs on Kxx - you beat most of the hands he folds here and dominate some of his outs to outdraw you (for hands like QJ\AT etc obv.)

    so what i say or wonder - maybe it's more profitable to check and induce (or hit against better hands) rather than turn some SD value into a bluff?
  • KingKas


    Hey stasia nice vid!

    I really like your 1 table format. It's much easier to follow and to see, even laying in bed! :)

    I'd give those tight ranges a shot at my micro limits.

    Keep going naked. No homo.
  • Zolotarsp


    Very positive video, thanks a lot!

    btw, "he's UK - oh, so he's a fish" - that's brilliant =)
  • Nshibaev


    Спасибо, хорошее видео. Хотелось бы от тебя некоторые теоретические видео увидеть :). Ну или больше сессий.
  • RocknRollAd


    HappyFace :)
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, Stas! Here is one question from Russian community:

    How do you find out how many zoom tables a guy is playing? Is it via lobby or just right-click on a player and then some further actions?
  • Valjos


    Классное видео! Спасибо!
  • iNspiRe


    And few more questions from Russian community:

    After you called flop and put bet on a turn with 55, what would you do if your opponent goes with check/push line on turn? Would you call or fold and why?

    And few more additions to my question:
    1. What would you do after his check/raise (let's say 2.5x)?
    2. By betting on the turn we are basically turning our showdown value into a bluff, rught? Since we don't expect him to call a huge bet with AK. Or do we? Why do you prefer betting instead of attempt to realize your showdown value? I mean checking back turn and also river if opponent checks again. Or if he put a bet on river, we can, for example, call on any card except A K or Q.
    3. If it would be a simple 3-bet spot with 100bb stacks, like we open on BTN, opponent resteals, we call and then same scenario postflop. In that case would you also put a bet on the turn with 55, that gives you a pot-bet shove on river? And would you call opponent's check/shove?
  • buddhazahir


    Hi Stasia442!

    I've just realized how important is what you've said in around 12 min about considering what we gonna do to a raise before it happens. It saounds so obvious but while multitabling it can be often forgoten. When we are deciding about our future action before the situation comes we can think more clearly and unemotionally about the spot - when it actually happens the pressure can somewhat blind our mind and make us spazz.

    Love from Poland :)
  • buddhazahir


    JJ hand ~16min
    What do you think about shoving the turn as there are many rivers that may scare our opponent and make him x/f? 9, Q, clubs, sometimes A. + what do you do on this cards when opponent shoves?
  • Stasia4242


    #47 - Sand

    What I meant is that as a general concept:

    Just calling a cbet on wet flop, IP, when playing wide ranges VS wide ranges,

    Makes your range somewhat capped, and makes it easier for thinking opponent to put a lot of pressure on you.

    OBV I'm not *Always* doing anything in Poker, as various plays works VS various opponent types, just saying that in General, novice players tend to call too much on wet flops IP :}
  • Stasia4242


    #48 - Fisk

    Already answered this question in comment #14 :}

    42s will almost never be dominated, unlike hands like J8s / K9s... Again, the RFI ranges I've shown in this vid are aimed towards a very Tight, simple range that puts you in very simple spots + decisions post-flop
  • Stasia4242


    #49 - Barbey

    Checking to induce rather than betting is OK VS aggrro-opponents, this vid is played in Vacuum, meaning I have no information on my opponents.

    Also, cbetting with an uncapped range puts you in very simple spots, rather then checking and facing or not facing bets from your opponents.

    I personally feel that Fold Equity is the most important concept of nowadays poker, and tend to maximize it whenever possible.
  • Stasia4242


    #50 King

    Tx mate, pls tell me how those ranges work for you at the micros! :}
  • Stasia4242


    #51 Zolo

    Tx mate! I love stereotypes when Vacuuming :P
  • Stasia4242


    #52 Nshi

    Sposibo, skoro budut isho Video obichayu :}
  • Stasia4242


    #53 Rock

    Always put a smile on :]
  • Stasia4242


    #54 iNspiRe

    I have 2 big screens, so just see the number of tables through the Zoom Lobby, very simple..
  • Stasia4242


    #55 Val

    Nezashto :P
  • Stasia4242


    #56 Inspire

    If villain check-shoves it's a very big Sizing as we started the hand ~200bb deep.

    In vacuum I always will fold the hand, don't think standard opponents in Zoom 200nl go for a check-shove with hands like AKss / AQss etc.

    If villain is very aggressive and tends to CR turn in 3bet pots, I would not float-bet the Turn, and instead rather check behind the Turn and call almost any river.

    Regarding checking behind turn in vacuum it totally fine and is a different line that is possible in this spot.


    In a standard 3bet pot, I would check behind turn + call river VS aggro opponent,

    And take 1 out of 2 possible lines VS passive opponent-

    1. Check behind turn + river [VS tight passive]

    2. Bet turn + check river [VS loose passive]

    I don't think I'm ever calling a check-shove in this spot with 55...
  • Stasia4242


    #57 Buddha

    Hey man, you are totally right, thinking in advance on our response VS raise gives us a somewhat "clean" line, with less emotions involved, thus taking us to a better A-Game :}
  • Stasia4242


    #58 Buddha

    Shoving the Turn is obv fine on this wet board texture, the only problem is that I almost never have a bluff-shoving range in this spot, thus making my range when I shove somewhat obvious.

    By just calling the turn I think aggro opponents will shove any river with any hand they might have, so by calling I'm keeping my opponent wide and making him over-play hands like AK/AQ.

    If I choose to call OTT, I call ANY river including A/K/Club because my range seems very weak and I expect to be bluffed a lot + people will shove for value wide.
  • ElitePaule


    very very strong play ... perfekt !
  • Stasia4242


    @Elite - Strong but Simple :}
  • Krzych113


    Hey Stasia42, I think it's fantastic you're making videos for pokerstrategy now, I remember seeing you on one of the mid-high stakes games in the past with toughest opponents in there, respect : ).
    Anyway, remember the JJ's hand. In the ~10:40 when the turn would come an A, or K and your opponent chks back, would you still bet the river for value ? I think it's a tricky situation. I believe that since from now on, we would beat nothing from our opponents betting range except bluffs betting is still more +EV than chk-calling, however still.. would you bet or rather x/fold. Maybe it's a simple question, though would like to hear some pro insight : ) tx
  • Stasia4242


    @ Krzy - Hey there, Thanks for the Respect,
    Hope to earn it :}

    MMmm JJ VS 3bet OOP.... if the Turn is an A or K then I check-fold the turn,

    And if the Turn goes check-check,
    In Vacuum I would go for a Thin-Value bet of around 54% pot, and fold to raise.

    Given Information I would prob go for the thin-value bet OTR VS passive opponents,

    and try to bluff-catch (check-call) VS loose-aggressive opponents.
  • TempoLempo15


    היי סטס,

    תודה רבה על הסרטון - הוא מצויין והוא אפילו עושה לי חשק לעזוב את ה FR ולעבור ל 6MAX :)
    שאלה לגבי הסייזינג ביד שבדקה ה 32 :
    היד שלך הייתה JhQh. בטרן אתה הסברת שאתה מהמר בסייזינג גדול מכיוון שאתה לא רוצה שמישהו יהמר מעליך.
    יש כמובן גם אפשרות שמישהו יעלה מעליך למרות הרייז הגדול ואז זה יכול להיות חבל על הכסף שכבר השקעת ?

    שאלה :
    מה אתה עושה אם לאחר ההימור שלך בטרן הדג חוזר אליך ומהמר 45-50 ? (אני מניח שאם הדג חוזר אליך סביר להניח שהוא נמצא עם סטרייט \ ריצה לפלאש גבוהה יותר \ סט או זוגיים) האם לא עדיף להמר קטן יותר בשביל לעשות קול לרירייז ולא לאלץ לעשות פולד ?

    תודה מראש,