Master the Preflop Game - Crushing Preflop - Live

  • Recorded coachings
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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In the third part of his Preflop game course Bierbaer will be playing live to demonstrate how to put our previous learnings in practice. You can find more information about the courses in the forum thread.


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  • c2t2lin


  • treeereeee


  • coldchurch


    U play without a HUD, but isn't playing GTO on these stakes suicide?
  • BibiAhigh


    U are folding pocket pairs to a 3x preflop??
  • HoTsTePPa


    What to learn from this video:
    1) Open fold aces on the Button
    2) dont use a hud
    3) rebuy einrichten

    Sehr gute Vorbereitung! Tische ausserhalb des Bildschirms. Wie man sich trauen kann solchen Mist abzuliefern. Völlig unprofessionell.
  • coldchurch


    Ignore Hotsteppa, really good vid.
  • Wustenfuchs


    Finished watching at 16:35:

    "...have no idea what they are opening utg, but i am 3betting my A2s anyways..."

    Seriously, if you have no idea what they are doing on those limits, simply don't make coaching videos here.

    If those videos are the ps standard, I am glad I recieved my poker education somewhere else.
  • Bierbaer


    Just because there is no HUD, you don't need to play GTO - in fact you simply establish general population assumptions and construct exploitive ranges based on these assumptions.

    Tables: I am not sure what exactly you are referring to. The tables go a bit beyond the screen, this is intentional. The idea is to provide the relevant information, not the edges of the windows :).
    HUD: I stopped playing with a HUD in 2009 and therefore do not use one in coachings either.
    3) Yes, the rebuy I forgot as I usually don't play on Stars. I apologize for this and hope you can forgive me :).

    When taking it out of context the statement does seem to indicate one should not play there. However, I do not follow a "apply play x in spot y", but rather teach methodology to provide sustainable learning experiences. As for the particular 3-bet, the point is that even when not knowing what someone raises UTG exactly, we have to play against it. A passive approach would be to generate a statistically meaningful samplesize of 2k+ hands and take it from there. A more proactive approach is to 3-bet him, which is most likely inherently +EV, and in the unlikely event that it's not, adapt to whatever you find he is doing.
    I am sorry this was not evident in the video and thank you for your feedback - I will certainly focus more on these type of spots in the future and provide more comprehensive explanations.

    Thank you all for feedback, I will use everything to improve the coachings :).

    Best regards,
  • javafonso


    Not a good video / coaching. Since 2008 that I've already watched dozens of videos, SnG and lately cash, and this one was clearly the worst. Poor explanations, mostly on dubious plays. And please DON'T make videos of the coachings, make videos by you own. 1 star for this poor vid.
  • simson500


    Thank you very much Bierbaer for the nice video. I can not agree with javafonso here: it is not so bad as he makes it.