A familial final table starring Katie and Collin

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $38
  • Fullring
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Katie Dozier and Collin Moshman have prepared something special for you today! It's a dual commentary review of a 180 man tournament that they both participated in and reached the final table. It will start off from Collin's perspective until he reaches the final table, where you will be able to see both players' hole cards.


180 collin final katie MTSNG review session sit and go table

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video guys and leave your questions for Katie and Collin below!
  • adyonline


    nice video .
  • Wohmfg


    The ATo was definetely an open, just because you cover everyone and there is a short stack the rest of the players are going to be tight, also you guys are pretty tight so it would be a good idea if u used that to ur advantage on the FTs...
  • Wohmfg


    @35:30 how about shoving the JJ to look weaker?
  • gadget51


    I'm not regular SnG player, but that video had just about everything for me. Super job as always of course, thank you both. :)
  • CrimsonTree


    Another nice Video :)

    But honestly: you already had a glass of wine did'nt you ;)?
  • thetrader789


    She is your boss mate !! LOL nice vid both of you !!
  • Wohmfg


    i would like if u guys could get into R/F ranges a bit more, like maby some any2 spots, or 3b/call spots, cause i find those sometimes hard...
  • Brdjan


    LoL Katie ownes Collin :)
  • KatieDozier314


    @adyonline: Thanks!

    @Wohmfg: thanks for the suggestion, could you please time stamp the hand you're referring to so I can find it? I like the point about shoving the JJ to look weaker! Also, I will look into incorporating more R/F range discussion in future vids.

    @Gadget51: So glad that you enjoyed it!

    @CrimsonTree: haha, not when I work, but I did have a glass of wine tonight! :)

    @thetrader789: I will make sure Collin sees your comment, ty!

    @Brdjan: Thanks! I hope I can own him again soon the next time I end up HU versus him! :)
  • RetireD2019


    about non-all in all in:
    1)vs regs(multitablers) do you do this trick with bottom of your pushing range, but top you push normally all in?
    2) vs randoms do you do opposite (reverse trick)?
    3) what is maximum stack in bb (about) you do this?
  • dave1972


    How can you play in same tournament?
  • dave1972


    How can you play in same tournament?
  • KatieDozier314


    @RetiredD2019: I think when there are regs involved it's important to be balanced. Versus recreational player you don't have to really worry about being balanced and can decided based on stats + table dynamics. Usually the max is around 8 bbs post ante.

    @dave1972: The smallest number of entries that people with the same IP address can play are 180-mans.
  • dave1972


    And moral aspect?
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks for the feedback/comments everyone, it was a very fun video to make!

    To answer the last question, Katie and I play against each other exactly the same as other regs. We collide and bust each other regularly in 180s.
  • AlcopopDK


    I know you're married and all but Katie; plz dont laugh at all the jokes Collin is making.. they're not all that good ;) ;)

    With that said; nice video and definately a great aspect to watch dual HHs.
  • KatieDozier314


    @AlcopopDK: Haha, thanks! :)
  • onoi4ik


    Люблю такие видео! Спасибо автору)