Become unexPLOitable: Mistakes in hand value

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Don't fall in love with your big hands! In this lesson you will learn how to avoid overplaying big pocket pairs or dominated hands, why you shouldn't slowplay even the nuts and what does it mean "to turn made hand into a bluff".


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions below!
  • onmybike


    the hand you discuss from 17:00 for me makes totally no sense.
    Preflop i agree it is loose cal from BB but not that bad at al has normally more connectivity then a BTN open.
    You do not talk about the flop cal ? that the streat where he make big mistake by check calling imo it deffinitly -EV. turn you make vs someone who check cal so much a really passive check. And then river looks totally std his hand with al the blockers to another flush is one of the best blufcathers in this situation. + most of you flushdraws with A spades will barrel turn because it really strong hand vs big equility advangtage.
    I think it good for you if you try to analyse your BTN range and that it with way more bare A spades and for sure if villian holds that hand.
  • onmybike


    what is your level of skill? winrate on with stakes etc? what stakes you normally play ?
    And why do this title unexploitable ? :P
  • onmybike


    1:06:04 how can you ever discus this cal is std of fold and you will make ton of money when you compered it to folding. but i think 3betpreflop is way better especially if BB like to sqeeuze a lot.
  • onmybike


    wow you are so enormous result oriented.

    You cbet like everything is so bad. does you really make money this way on plo25? i think higher they will punish you really hard for that.
    And you bet fold AA53 on 1:45:17 that is soo terrible you hav to do you math here and it so std get it in. duibled suited AA is so std 3bet next hand
  • Kyyberi


    Thanks for the feedback. Not sure if I understand the question in all of above but I'll try to answer.

    #2: What exactly doesn't make sense? The idea of the hand is to show the trouble that comes from playing weak hands. OTR he has only a bad bluff catcher, so bet-call is the worst option imo. His hand also looks a lot like a draw, so would I try to bluff him there?

    #3 PLO50, +10bb/100 pre RB. Title is unexploitable due the idea of pointing out some of the most common mistakes for beginning players. And most of those mistakes can be exploited by better players.

    #4 Not sure what the question is. BB 3bets, so you think hero should 4bet after BTN calls the 3bet?

    #5 You do realize that the hands shown in this coaching are there for a specific reason? How can you know what my cbet% even is? I would appreciate if you could see that the hands there are NOT examples of perfect playing, they are there to point out a specific things.

    AA53ss is not double suited. With ds aces 3bet is fine, with medium aces 3bet often leads to very problematic flop situations with bad SPR, oop and against 2 players that put hero on aces.

    I have done my math and I think it's a fold to a raise. Hero needs at least 33% equity, and even against a loose range hero has 29%. There is still BTN left to act with SPR 2, which makes his raise range a little stronger. If he always has at least a pair+draw, hero has only 25% equity.
  • onmybike


    #2 the whole hand did not really make sense. villians flop cal vs your cbet is only big mistake villian make. And river if he folds this hand he is really exploiteble. I do not know this limit but in normal game you can for sure bluf with J or A of spades without flush here imo (and under normal circumstands +EV) i think this hand is even a better blufcather then 10 high flush with only 2 spades in his hand.
  • onmybike


    #3 wonder what kind of sample that is then with that winrate. hope to see you quickly at plo100 then ;).
  • onmybike


    #4 you cal a open from the CO on the SB with A876ds this is really good hand to 3be a CO open. after the 3bet from BB and cal from CO you discus your cal but it so easy cal with this hand. That you run now in a better streat say nothing.
  • onmybike


    # 5 the hands i have look to you made bad cbets that are far from std. You did not say that are bad cbets or non std so i assume you play this way in al or more of your hands.

    the both AAxx hands are std 3bets and if you come somethimes in difficult spots it not a reason to not make +EV 3bet.

    about the AA35 hand on 1:45:57 i do not know with calculator you use but is probably broken ;) even vs a sick hand like 910JQ we have over 40%. i wonder how far you did calculate it but i can only wonder what you think maybe you think he has way to much sets but i think he has very small % because a CO open does not have a lot of 99xx and 88xx (and sometimes they will foldvs big sqeeuze too)
  • Kyyberi


    In my mind he has sets and 2 pairs in his range. If you only look at the best case scenario, it doesn't mean you are over 33% against his whole range. That is how I see the situation, you are free to see it in some other way.

    Also I don't believe that in micros you should always 3bet aces, cos still majority of opponents think that 3bet is aces. Or at least they think their flop hand strength against aces. PLO100+ it's a different thing as the overall player pool has more knowledge in poker and PLO than in micros.

    I don't think that debating about couple of hands that are here just to show an example will take us anywhere. The idea of the hands was not to show how to play those hands in those exact spots, but just to show what kind of problems those type of hands might encounter due to their structure. And that was the whole topic in the course. I hope you could see and hear beyond those two hands and understand the point of this course.

    If you disagree me with the whole subject (not just two examples), then be it. I just wish you would use respectful and appropiate tone in your comments, if possible.
  • MrTrocks


    hey onmybike: hand min 17: on plo 50 when u get raised otr u have to fold so kyyberi is right. i think kyyberi explained the hand good for the viewers at this limit.
  • MrTrocks


    edit: i know what u mean about the bluffcatcher even when u hold 4s in this spot ;-) just in case..

    so maybe i found something in the next minutes to make a nother comment ;-)
  • MrTrocks


    min 21: i dont mind the pre call tbh because the fish is in. Also i think its maybe too weak to fold otf against ure half potsizbet.
  • MrTrocks


    min 33:30 i dissagre that u often have a set or 2 pair on a 692ss flop.
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Kyyberi, great video just wanted to comment after I saw this video for the second time. The 17 minute hand in retrospect I don't fully like the check on the turn, I think it is unnecessary and also pretty much putting opponent solely on QT and yeah, just missed value there imo. Later around 1:13 you say there is not much reason to check the turn, even though before with the 17 minute hand you said us checking the turn means we DON'T have the straight, and actually there I thought it was a mistake but here vs certain opponents with the lower straight might still fold vs bet bet bet but not vs bet check bet (representing weak set or something) that will still pay off on river but severely villain dependent, in normal circumstances getting 3 streets of value from lower straights is of course preferable.
    Agree with MrTrocks that I don't agree : ) with your assessment of thehand around 33:30 I also don't put a lot of sets in your hand here. The hand on 1:45 I agree with you the problem lies preflop (generally when all flop-options available to us signal towards bad preflop choices) and I also think this guy's range is strong, super potcmmitted may have put AA in your range already and knows he can beat this easily I have never been ahead in these spots with AA either. You have to put 22 more in to win 68 and I don't think vs this range you have anywhere near required BE equity. Good video Kyyberi thanks again.
  • Kyyberi


    #15, #16 By saying a "lot" of sets/2pairs means that they are in my range. To go broke there with bare aces in SPR 3,5 is a huge mistake imo. In my raise range I have sets/2pairs/strong draws a lot.

    If my range is any 9xxx hand, I have 61% on that flop against those aces. And when he pots (not much FE anymore) my raise range is heavily towards stronger hands.
  • Quroq


    Nice video, keep up the good work!
  • narnou


    Damn dude, please buy some kleenex... Couldn't go further that 20min with all those sniff sounds... Pretty disgusting, and i'm not the cleanest one...