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In his first video IvicaIliev77 will review a session that he played on $3.5 and $7 6max turbos, while explaining theoretical concepts like cbet profitability and Blind vs Blind steals. There will be a homework assignment at the end of the video for the ones that want to go the extra mile in their learning.


6max bvb Contibet homework micro profitability sit and go sng turbo

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  • pertla125


    I think this is one of the most useful videos I have ever seen.You completely,minutely dissected the majority of math in 6max SNGs which can easily be applied on a much higher stakes than these and although the general concepts were not that hard to understand,you were one of the few guys who actually wanted to mention them,which deserves a great respect on its own!
    Therfore,I think that your only leak is that you are a too nice of a guy and you are too generous when it comes to giving a free advice which can be a bit costly in the long run LOL:).....If you asked me I would easily put this video to be a gold or even platinum...:)
    Anyway keep up the good work,honestly wish you all the best and I expect to see some more vids from you....
  • pertla125


    Iliev,I would actually like to ask you sth about
    pro sng grinder live style.....
    Like,how many hrs a day do u play,do u play that hrs continuously or u divide them in like sessions(i.e morning and afternoon or afternoon and night),and how many days a week do u play?
    Secondly,I would like to know what is the minimum number of games u play a day what is the optimal number of games a sng player should play a day?
    And lastly,is it possible to achieve SNE by playing midstakes 6max SNGs,and what is the minimal number of games of this type you should play a day to achieve this status ina period of 9-10 months?I hope you understood my questions:)....

    Thanks in advance!
  • ghaleon


    8:00 bottom right: 78s is ok open imo. Though its best if villains on position are tight and blinds fishy. Well as it tend to be :)

    10:30 42o: Well played. Such drawy flop I like to check also.

    13:15: 34o: Middle pairs are likely to fold, but I doubt we get Jx to fold that often. Also all sort of draws are likely to stay in the hand. So I would tend to just flat. Its not great either, but I think you are overestimating fold equity versus recreational player. In turn I would bet bit bigger. River is mandatory fold.

    Funny you say you are extracting value in turn from Jx. Probably meaning Kx :)

    Overall biggest concern on that hand is that if we are planning to raise flop and barreling turns. So we are going to end up playing big pot with weak hand expecting decent fold equity. Not combination I like that much. So I would much more prefer to take possibility to get exploited by flatting flop or just folding flop. Folding is totally fine imo. Weak holding, small pot.

    19:30 ATo: I would like more to flat here. BB seems extremely fishy even with small hand sample. I want to have villain like that in the pot. If we had more hands with him being on those stats I would not mind to flat and stack off versus BB if he goes for 3bet.

    20:15 A4s: lop is fine to bet versus unknown or passive fishy player. I would like to see bigger bet on turn. He is very likely calling it with 7x.

    26:00 AKs: Flop call is good, but I would have raised small in turn. Otherwise pot is likely staying too small for my taste. That way we leave him more space to overplay his hands imo.

    27:50: I certainly hope 7's are not reg infested. Would start to be bad for future of sng.

    29:00: I suppose you have some sort of reads on your student :)

    36:10 85o: So what sort of sizing would you be check-calling on turn? River is very clear fold basically always. Hard to see any hand we beat that would make sense to play like that overall. If he was floating with some JT type of air he would more likely bet turn.
  • ghaleon


    41:00 A2o: I would checkback flop. We have decent showdown value with bottom pair and more importantly we also have As. Which does increase our equity. Also aggro fishy looking villain can go for check-raise with air here somewhat often. Plus getting value with cbet is bit hard. Turn and river are fine.

    E.g. lets say he defends by flatting with 99-22, ATs-A2s, K4s+, Q6s+, J7s+, T7s+, 97s+, 87s, 76s, AJo-A2o, K8o+, Q8o+, J9o+, T9o. In flop you have 62% equity. If turn comes lets say 9s you still have 59% equity. So imo checking back is optimal line on flop and if we have aggro reads on villain we can bluff catch reasonably well.

    So as played I got impression you were aiming for turn barrel as bluff if it was like T-K? If it was spade would you have checked back or semi bluffed?

    44:40 J8s: Good open and cbet. What has took my notice is your stat reading or representation of that reading during video making. You say "guy in BB has folded 100%"... He has vpip of 48 and BB fold to steal 100 with 31 hands. You should basically neglect almost completely his blind fold and take your folding equity reads much more on his overall stats.

    Though still J8s is good open. Passive fishy villains, likely position and hands that play pretty good postflop. Why not.

    51:05 46o: Again spot where cbet is bit problematic. What is your plan if he check-raises? How many worse hands are calling? Well he can have some Ax. Maybe he calls with KT or QJ? But not much 2x in his range and we have no kicker for our 6x. Turn and river is fine. Though if he does go for shove you are likely folding?

    51:50 33: Any pocket is possibly 3bet, but you should have small 3bet range with decent amount of better pockets. Shoving small pockets is fine and there is not much abuse possibility in it even if villain knows your likely hand.
  • ghaleon


    52:35 A2o: Calling has own problems. A2o has high card value, but that is all it tends to have in most flops.

    54:10 K7o: As default I would be shoving preflop. Flop is mandatory call as played. River is somewhat tricky one imo. This line tend to be for value often. Though you might have some reads.

    55:20 96o: I would be giving up that hand. When he checks AT2 flop I doubt he is planning to give up turn often at all. If you want to represent trips you should be firing river big imo. Though I would take that line with Tx as well so you are not repping just 2x. But then again if you think he thinks you would play 2x only like that then you are repping very thin range and he is viable to call light/often.

    56:55 K3s: You can cbet it, but also check is viable.

    57:15 left table: Weird play. I would not really have shove range there as opponent. If he does it with mainly flush draws its quite a leak.

    57:45 K6s: I would tend to minraise-call.

    Heh, lot of comments. You have massive job to look them all!

    For future I would recommend to have shorter videos or if comes this long I would prefer to have it split into two videos.

    Thanks for video.
  • Regularproducer


    Hello Ivica

    Is this the way you ussually play play these formats? I mean 4 tables tilled?
  • Regularproducer


    I also play on tablet when i am in casino and playing live poker and have opened another one on tablet and guys around me ussually do the same in casino and i also grind a lot ehen i am at home on computer ;)
  • Regularproducer


    I must say that this video is tooo good for silverstar... Huge 1+
  • IvicaIliev77


    @#1 & #2
    Thank you for your honest evaluation of the video pertla125. I am glad that you enjoyed it and found it very useful.

    I also agree with things you said... I can definitely be too nice guy and give away knowledge that 99% of coaches wouldn't even dare to speak of but I can't help it cause I enjoy helping others and seeing them make it in poker as I genuinely care for all the people I work with.

    Regarding your questions for SNG pro lifestyle, I would recommend you check out my blog ( for more info as I write there things frequently regarding everything going in my life including of course my approach to making a living with SNGs :)

    Will try to sum it up for you here

    Hours per month?
    It really depends but I would say when grinding heavy I would put minimum 160+ hours. When taking it easy up to 100 hours maximum I would say.

    You get to the point where you can comfortably estimate your hourly so then you can adjust your grind to life related events easier and balance it that way.
    For example this month I had tons of things that stopped me from grinding but in July I will do 3 to 4k games to make up for it.
    On top of this you have to account studying/reviewing/coaching others time.

    On average I would say I am 8-9 hours in poker every day minimum.

    I play 15 tables, 6 tiled and behind them rest stacked, since recently mixing 15s and 30s 6 max SNGs.
  • IvicaIliev77


    Session setup?
    Sometimes I would do 2 x 75 sessions, other times 75 75 50 or 50 75 or even 2 x 50 sessions.
    There aren't rules set in stone! Especially because life is unpredictable so you should adopt to have time for people and things you care about. In that sense I like to balance my sessions differently. When there seems to be free day for grind without other things, it is best to step on it go for like 200 games. On busy days 50-75-100 games is a prize - depending on what you got going on and what you want to accomplish.

    In my opinion all the SNG 6 max players should play 2k to 3k games minimum a month when grinding (to stay in shape for grinding). Also they should have minimum 1 hour a day put aside for studying and aim to always increase ROI in games they play.

    That being said, I put with grinding, coaching and working on my own game minimum 210 hours a month up to 270 which is 7 to 9 hours a day easy put for poker.

    Finally SNE question, I think it is possible to achieve it with 6 max turbos but you have to play limits up to 200s and be ready to play really tough opponents from 60s on.

    Right now I think it is far better to do 30s and 60s go for 500k VPPs and still make 95k$ per year grinding 10 months 30k SNGs then to chase SNE and grind like a lab rat and have no time for other things in life.

    If things work out in my favor (build up roll and analyze the opponents/fix leaks), next year I will be going for 500k VPPs mixing 30s and 60s going for 95k $ post RB. I believe you can still balance life related things with poker that way rather then SNE chase.

    I would like to thank you once again for writing such honest review and taking time to watch the video in the 1st place.

    Please feel free to ask any more questions - I will be more then happy to respond to them all.

    All the best to you as well!
  • IvicaIliev77


    Ghaleon my friend, I would like to thank you for analyzing all the hands and leaving those comments.
    This is the best way to watch and learn from the video in my opinion and hope other members will follow your example also to get most of this video.

    I will now respond to 19 hands you mentioned :)
  • IvicaIliev77


    8:00 87s HJ opponent open
    I agree, this is OK open in my opinion also, especially considering that opponents don't 3 bet bluff UTG and HJ :)

    10:30 42o BVB
    Also agree here, standard play IMO. When he limps and double checks, only way to win the hand is to bet here so standard bet for bluff. betting flop would be bad as it hits his BVB limping range.

    13:15 43o limped hand BVB
    I agree that it is ok to fold here and just move on in the game.
    Calling is super exploitable as opponent will often double/triple barrel those types of boards so we can't bluff catch with trash here.

    When opponent limps I expect lot more Jx then Kx type of hands in his range so I definitely barrel turns to fold 2nd pairs there. If he has top pair with weak kickers, we will many times fold him by triple barreling from it as a lot more cards will hit our perceived range rather than his.

    I like playing post flop in all phases so whenever I see some spot for exploiting with for aggression to kick in, I like to go for it. Think it is more of my style of play and something I got into eventually. For beginners in SNGs definitely advise to play fit or fold this hand (fold it on flop that is).
  • IvicaIliev77


    19:30 ATo hand 3 bet vs HJ

    I prefer 3 bet to isolate single opponent and play post flop HU pot or take the hand right there.
    Just calling leaves us open for squeeze. I don't like playing vs squeeze with A10o, think there are much better hands to do that with so this is for me 3 bet or fold.

    Also would not call all in anybody for 50bb+ with A10o regardless of his HUD stats (even on larger sample). I see no need to risk such a great stack with such a hand when in that blind phase there is tons of value to play small ball post flop and dominate opponents (build stack) that way.

    20:15 A4s checked from BB hand

    I agree, we can bet more on turn. I do believe that betting less will get him to call down mid PPs as well as broadways and even Kx for showdown value. Betting big just keeps 7x and pairs like 88, 99 perhaps some other smaller ones. So we will fold Kx hands and random overs betting big here.

    20:16 AKs hand

    Raising turn would make pot bigger but would also signal opponent that we have made some Kx on the flop and on turn trying to extract value. Since board texture is super dry I prefer to delay that raise to the river and confuse opponent even more here by raising as many times he will level himself and make a mistake like he did shoving or even call down A,Qx type of hands.
  • IvicaIliev77


    27:50 regarding reg infested 7s :)

    I currently coach 3 guys (4th one joining us coming Wednesday) that play 7s - all profitable pre RB there. Besides them I got 5 other guys playing 3.5$ limit.

    Fish is the same on both of those limits. Difference in REGs is bigger of course but still you get minimum 3 fishes per table which makes it super profitable to play those 7s. If you use Sharky then you can have ridiculous ROI there.

    Not worried about future on that limit as there will always be more than enough recreational players that want to have fun, chat while playing and try some fancy plays for 7$ :)

    29:00 student reads

    Absolutely as he does on me? :)
    It was difficult to avoid him in the lobby as he uses Sharky and doesn't have me marked me (until that happened) so he would keep entering every table I entered (bum hunting me) :D

    36:10 85o hand

    We have implied odds with this hand so I would definitely call 1/2 pot bet. Just calling bigger then 1/2 pot bet is very exploitable IMO. Opponent will after we check river (if we don't try to bluff it!) bet big again. So I would call 1/2 pot bet and bet river for value or even c/raise (depending on opponent tendencies and river cards)
  • IvicaIliev77


    41:00 A2o hand vs aggro fish

    Very nice thinking process here.
    I think opponent will not flat all those Kxs and Qxs.
    Also, since we consider him to be aggressive, I expect all the draws with over card to be played "fast" or aggressively by donk bet or c/raise from him.
    Having all this in mind, when opponent c/calls he has mid pps, random overs (backdoor flush and 2 overs) and TPWK (weak kicker).
    After he calls flop I would not c bet turn if 10 or J came out as I think it would not fold him from mid pps and 8x but I would definitely double barrel on Q,K and A on turn as well as if 2 repeated.
    River as played, after getting called 2 streets it is obvious he has showdown value and is check calling down to bluff catch me so sizing makes sense to extract maximum value.

    I think in general if you check back with the idea to bluff catch here, aggressive opponent will put you on tough decision on turn and possibly river as well.

    What would you do if spade came on turn? What about 9,10,J,Q,K???
    All these cards are in his flatting range and after you check flop as he is aggressive he may take the line to lead turn.
    If you call turn are you calling river?
    Say turn came J and river came spade and he shoves - are you still calling?

    You see my problem with just calling. Many times we will be faced with very difficult decision to bluff catch when clearly opponent has 8 or is on flush draw. I don't expect him to bet turn and river (if we check flop) with mid pps or random over cards.
    From my experience even opponents that seem very aggressive when they take over initiative on turn and barrel river also will do that for value more than for bluff. I find that they bluff more if they check back flop and turn and then try to take it on river with missed flush draws or doing other types of bluffs but double barrel turn and river mostly for value therefore calling down with bottom pair would be very light for me there.
  • IvicaIliev77


    44:40 J8s CO late game

    This one is not NASH open but vs those opponents I like opening it as I expect them to flat and play fit or fold therefore have post flop edge vs them.

    In this particular hand I slowed down after betting flop as I explained but if flop was more connected I would go for triple barrel and most likely fold him off 2nd pair by doing that.

    I agree regarding hand sample. I like to have minimum 100+ hands on opponent to draw some tendencies and even that is not enough of course.

    51:05 64o HU vs student hand

    I like C bet here for couple of reasons.
    I know his style of play and expect here to get called by over + FD with K,Q,J, 10 and 9xs hands.
    Top pairs with mid to strong kickers are c/raising here. Two overs + FD are also doing it.
    Random overs like Q10,QJ,K10+ without spade will call flop and fold turns to double barrel).
    2nd pair with stronger kicker will call flops and most likely vs me go for bluff catch turn and river once decision is made to call flop.

    Having all this in mind, his just calling range is very faced up for me and know exactly what I am against in this hand.
    Also I think we are extracting value from far more hands then the actual hands that beat us. Like you said he will not have 2x combos in his range so that makes it much easier to read this hand post flop in terms of what he calls, what he c/raises, what he uses to float the flop etc.

    If he shoves river I am more for fold then for call here. Simply because in his defend range there aren't straights expect 75s there.
    Unless he is on a tilt, he would not shove river with 2nd pair there.
    Any top pair he would c/call like he did flop for showdown value (stronger ones would be c/raise flop etc)
    2x not in his range
    If he caught up Jx on turn that is only QJ and KJ which have total 32 combos (before J comes out).
    He has way more flush draws then KJ and KQ type of hands (each FD type of hand is 4 combos and he has tons of K Q J 10 and even 9xs).

    Finally vs me I think if he got flush he would bet turn to do reverse psychology on me, rarely expect him to check back and bet it on river vs me :)
  • IvicaIliev77


    51:50 44 HU 3 bet shove

    Totally agree here , nothing to add :)

    52:35 A2o HU hand

    Couple of reasons why it is better to flat it. When 4 bet shoving it, we get called by stronger Ax always :)

    2nd reason I want to have Ax in my 3 bet flatting range not to be exploited post flop every time Axx comes.

    3rd reason with post flop edge I can on many boards bluff catch or bluff opponent off with A high since I know his 3 bet NAI range there and how much it hits what flops/boards :)

    4th and final reason we are 18bb effective and here I know exactly how well A2o plays vs his 3 bet NAI range :)

    54:10 K7o HU

    Pre flop I like going a bit tighter then K7o shove over limp here especially against reg who I expect to have balanced limping ranges here.

    Flop easy call, turn he checks behind and river he leads out again.

    I am calling to bluff catch with K high vs missed flushes and vs random Q,10,9,8,7,6x hands.
    So tons of hands that he has here that he will bluff me with vs value hands on this run out.

    55:20 96o HU hand

    Flop didn't lead out as he will not fold his 10x and draws nor high cards ever here.

    Turn is much better to lead out as in my check back pre flop range I have tons of 2x so here I lead as if I hit trips now and want to extract value from 10x and draws.
    Once he decides to call that , there is no need to bet river as he is always calling it to bluff catch so I just give it up.
  • IvicaIliev77


    56:55 K3s HU hand

    C bet on A high is mandatory here as I don't want him to get to showdown with 7 or 9x type of hands. Also for these blind depths he will not play most draws there but c/fold them.

    57:15 weird hand HU by student

    I agree 100%. I will check what he had there. I hope that he was multi tabling and did a miss click shove here, everything else is not cool.
    If he did have something here it is some weak 9 outer FD without overs etc :)

    57:54 K6s HU hand

    I prefer open shove as I want to have balanced shoving range there for 11 to 13bb.


    Thank you for all the comments and thinking processes again my friend :)

    I agree that this could have been split to 2 parts but was thinking that members watching would not be too happy to see video finish just when it got super interesting. It just felt right to do the whole session review from A to Z focusing on as many hands as possible.

    Thank you for watching the video and leaving all the great comments :)
  • IvicaIliev77


    @ #6 7 and 8

    Hello Regularproducer!

    I am glad you liked the video and consider it for higher status than silver :)

    I play 6 tables tiled and behind them 9 tables stacked. For purpose of video recording I did 4 larger tables.

    The casino and tablet story is interesting to me. It makes a lot of sense!
    Sometimes some tablet guy will have some regish stats on 30s and/or 15s but I would say that is like 5 up to 10% of the time. Rest of the time stats are either passive or aggressive fish (mostly passive fish).

    Just my observations :)
  • CollinMoshman


    Great first vid Iliev! Really interesting spots/analysis, awesome job. Looking forward to having you on the coaching tomorrow :)
  • IvicaIliev77


    @#20 Thank you Collin - it means a lot hearing any positive feedback from you !

    Very much look forward being part of your session tomorrow - should be tons of fun :)
  • teboxvi


    Thanks a lot for the video. It is indeed very good.

    I would like to ask you if you could upload your HUD on the forum cause I'm interested in the popups you are using and the color coding for different stats.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
  • IvicaIliev77


    @#22 Thank you teboxvi, glad you found video useful.

    I can send you HUD via skype or email.
    Waiting for my coach status to be resolved and then would upload it in coaching thread - until then Skype or email.

    Thank you for watching and I will try my best :)
  • plutrock


    plz upload your great hud :)
    Nice first vid thx, i need more :)
  • IvicaIliev77


    @#24 Thank you plutrock, glad you enjoyed the video.
    For HUD I already explained couple posts ago :)
  • Gavron23


    great first vid friend :)
  • Gavron23


    in minute 31:50 my oppinion for a calling range in the 44 hand differs a bit. We only have 18 hands on him and the only sure conclusion is that he is a fish. He has 14 blinds but the way fish see it he has only a 600 stack which means he is maybe a bit frustrated and wants to get his stack back. I do think most fish would 3bet shove a lot wider than 77 AT+ in this spot.
  • Tim64


    Also enjoyed this first video from you, Ivica :) Look forward to more!
  • IvicaIliev77


    @ #26 & #27
    Thank you my friend appreciate it.
    44 hand to become a r/call opponent has to 3 bet wider then regular tendencies vs CO. I have seen them usually 3 bet tighter than Nash in general on all limits so I prefer r/calling tighter also there. I do agree that they will 3 bet wider than 77+ A10+ in general but this guy has 0% 3 bet and has a gap like loose passive fish (expect him always to shove tighter in that spot).

    @ #27
    Thank you Tim, glad you enjoyed it.
    I will work on another one in near future.
  • 177272


    Thanks for the video, really enjoyed it, looking forward to more.
  • IvicaIliev77


    # 30
    Glad you enjoyed it Steve :)
  • kingsoloGOH


    best sit n go video ever, i will do the assingments, but would u care at looking at them? :)
  • Sw33z


    check your pm Ivica ;) i've sent you demand for your great hud . peace , Sw33z
  • IvicaIliev77


    #32 kingsoloGOH do the assignments anyway , they are there to help you ! :)
    #33 Sw33z got your PM man. Wait for it when coaching status gets resolved ;)
  • boris88RNMD


    8 первых страниц пролистал, ни одного "бронзового" нет((( печаль
  • JusTNo1RNMD


    u fucking suck ass, u serbian dumb fuck
  • kivanov1989


    Awesome video - definitely one of those that ppl should watch more than once. I am playing 6max turbos now and this is a must watch one! Thank you for amazing content.

    P.S. I've sent you a friend request with a little favour to ask - I find your HUD very useful - If you can send it to me by Skype/Email , will be much appreciated.