$2k SCOOP Deep Run Review - From Vegas

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $2100
  • Fullring
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Robert "PokerGuru740" Kuhn continues with his $2k SCOOP review, this time from Las Vegas. Watch him comment on one of the toughest tables in online tournaments.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video guys and make sure leave your comments below!
  • limpinbarney


    07:00: As mentioned his flopcalling range includes gutters like ATs/AQ plus TT-QQ. Against that range I prefer c/r the Turn because you widen your range by flushdraws and you dont miss value against that gutters (if he stabs). Even if he checks there are hardly actionkillers.
    25:00 why 3betting TT SBvsMP3 and just calling 99vsBU? EQ-wise TT is worse.
    38:00 I prefer c/r the flop there and fire at least a turnbarrel. As mentioned you block the nuts and he never has AK. C/r the flop will also be perceived very nuttish and puts a lot of pressure on his weak Ax.
  • pokerguru740


    Hi Limpinbarney,

    To answer your questions-

    -7min, I really don't understand the merit to checking considering I have a little over a pot size bet left and he's rarely going to be betting gutshots, so often i'll be giving him a free card and the times he has a hand like QQ etc that are just getting sticky I can't get 3 streets from him.

    25min, there is a pretty big difference in both the position of the hands and strength of the opponent, with 10's if i flat I have to play a pot OOP against 2 players with terrible relative position, where as if i Iso I not only get the big blind out of the hand I get value from weaker hands he'll flat. with 9's against stammdogg I decide to flat because it disguises the strength of my hand and he's going to play really well against a 3b pre this deep and most certainly going to put me in a bunch of tough spots post. So basically it came down to the players and the positions.

    38 min, I agree. As meantioned I dont like how I played this hand, c/r flop and triple barrel are both>> what I did imo.

    Thanks for the comments!
  • pLAYERsjsk


    nice video :)

    would call TT on 76K45 board in 27th min.
    his value is only flush that we have 1 blocker, 98s and sets.

    i like 3bet pre, c/c F, c/c T, c/c R.
    i think people 3 barrel bluff decent amount given our passivity and board texture. (board is too wet for you to be slowplaying many strong hands)