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First session in a week and already a strategy video for everyone to see? Is Skodljivec a bit rusty or is he gonna ship all those interesting spots? Tune in and see!


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this live video and leave your questions below!
  • zyton


    wrong tag (NL SPT -> PLO)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skod!

    15:00 table two: I agree with you almost always they just got the superunlikely straight that doesn't make a whole lot of sense when seen what kind of hands would stay in the hand when you look in the rearviewmirror on the river back to the flop but they just always have it from my experience Blegh. Agree that as a default vs fish it is generally a fold not a lot of bluffs (no missed draws really only one runner runner that actually completed)/value hands weaker than top two here in their range that would take this line and no missed draw kind of push after you checked either. However, odds of fish taking this line without the goods is still < odds of him making the backdoor straight.

    19:40 table two: I think a lot of the times when holding the A and K hi flush in your hand, you get paid off less easily however not always true obv when you got called by a 8 hi flush minutes earlier lol but def true against nittier opponents they can at best have 3rd nuts and then they have too many reasons to fold.

    26:00 table one villain bet-calls your raise: I was thinking the pot size raise screams nuts in the eyes of the fish so they will fold to a pot size raise but will call anything smaller than a potsize raise so I was very surprised you got a call.

    31:00 table two first thought was also best turncard ever, but even though it sounds weird there was so much confidence in his calling that I was also worried about the 1 combo that had you beat; overall these hands dont hurt your winrate but still sucks.

    32:00 table one: dont like the check so much on river, of course you can be results oriented saying oh he wouldnt have paid us off after you see the hand he had but I think you also said in general I would always bet here missed draws will not call the smallest of bets but isn't that exactly the reason why you should actually bet? Folders will fold, callers will call but potential callers will check when given the opportunity for cheapest possible showdown. You said unlikely anybody has a made hand but like I said, betting is way more +EV here right than checking right???

    39:00 table one: villain pots on KK4 double diamond board, you say so weird that he pots but doesnt the fact that you already hold the nfd make his range automatically stronger (as the nfd is taken out of his range)?

    I hope you can answer my questions and/or comment on some of the things I wrote Skod, once again thank you great video as always!
  • alexxpiciu


    NICE...you're good...good luck
  • Thailife


    Is open QQ34s from UTG 200bb+ deep standart?
  • Skodljivec


    Hey guys,

    will reply to the questions on this vid and the others i missed tommorow after i get home!


  • MrTrocks


    table 1 6:30: i would value jam otr tbh for 2 reasons. people will often lead oop otr with their strong hands and u could loose value if he decides to call with a single K or QQ (i saw people call whenfd bust) also for balancing
  • Skodljivec




    1 - yeah i mean whenever i call there vs a passive player i get shown the straight. Conventional wisdom should say it's a call there, but you see how i wanted to fold :D. Maybe i just called to show you guys i would loose anyway haha.

    2 - What line would u suggest there if not betting?

    3 - Yeah people are not going to fold a flush there at this level. No need to loose value by betting smaller. If i had the blocker bluff i would also pot it (i mean i wouldn't this case, but in general), so it balances out i'd say.

    4 - yeah hahah. Nothing we can do tho

    5 - yes like i mentioned i fire there 95% of the time. I tried out checking which is something a lot of people at the lower stakes actually mistakenly do as a default. So yeah definetly bet there like i mentioned.

    6 - Yes it definetly does. But if he pots there, that has to be AKxx+ always, regardless of us having hte blocker, especially 3way.
  • Skodljivec


    #5 Depends on your playstyle and how agressive the table is. You have some implieds and can flop a really disguised straight, so i think it's worth risking 3bb's on a passive table.

    #7 Yeah it makes sense that we can make a thin value jam there. But we do get tons of folds there by hands we beat, so it's not like we would print money by betting there.


  • MrTrocks


    min 20 table 2: what would u do if u get raised here otf (u where deep with villian and hit A2 with a T high fd)
  • MrTrocks


    min 25: table 1 when u had the nutflush and the 2nutblocker against an very tight villian. isnt it in this case better to check the turn behind to get maybe a nother street value otr? villian will often fold ott if u bet here
  • MrTrocks


    min 30:15: table 2 what would u do against a unkown vs a raise with ure over+gutter+Khigh fd?
  • MrTrocks


    min 36:30 table 1: u mucked KK here otf because aggr bet and he got called and u have lot of turns u dont like? correct?
  • MrTrocks


    min 40:30: did u do the homework with AK9Tds?
  • cozaro


    Nice vid...thx!
  • MTV100


    nice thx
  • thorno51


    oh ya, love playing ZOOM . Thank you for posting this video it really made me encourage to play good hehe