Hizintak reviews NL100 Deep tables

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Hizintak will review this session from PokerStrategy.com member urmovel, who is a regular on NL100 at PokerStars. Tables are a mixture of standard ones and deep+ante ones.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and don't forget to ask your questions in the comments below!
  • mataremata


    min 7, you are blocking Ahxh
  • ljutigusar


    hiiiizintak! u are alive! I missed ur scrappy coco accent.
  • ljutigusar


    Good video, i like ur analysis.

    35:25 u said that u dont like the squeeze with T9o.
    What would be ur standard squeezing range in that spot vs 2 regs, and what would be ur range if u have such a big whale in the BB? Would u ever slowplay there? So what would be ur adjustemnt depending on a player on the BB?
  • hizintak


    Hello dear ljuti,
    you're asking a very good question. I think in general in this spot it would depend on their strategy vs squezes, so vs some I would have a polarized range, and maybe have some suited hands I can't call with, or maybe blockers to the nuts, and vs other regs I would have a linear squezing strategy, just squezing top X% of range based on situation.
    With regards to fish, given that its going to be 4way to the flop and were going to have the worst position its going to have to be a very particual fish for me to slowplay, either hes going to be stacking off post flop way too light or hes going to be squezing himself very light, but those kind of fish are also very likely to cold call a 3b.
  • ljutigusar


    Yeah, but what would u do with borderline hands like mid pockets 99-JJ, good offsuited brodways AJo, KQo, KJo, and good suited connectors 78s-T9s? In both sutiuation, whale on the BB and with no whale on the BB.
  • hizintak


    since those hands are borderline EV of both CC and of squeezing are going to be close. I think as default I'm going to and keep the fish in pot, and with regs depends on how wide I can V-bet.
  • ljutigusar


    Thank you hizintak for ur kind answers, i appreciate it.
  • sandraardnas


    Hey hizintak,
    in second hand with AQ, you are listing bluffing combos and you put there JTo as well as draws to balance on the turn.
    You also said that if we are looking to exploit we could add AQ.
    I guess its good against habitua floater here.
    But on this board against a fish do you expect much fold equity especially when flop was 3way?
    He might have some Ahigh or 2x, but that's probably it.
    If we are looking to exploit, shouldnt we rather cut off bluffing combos here, just to best draws?
  • hizintak


    Hey sandraardnas.
    I think exploiting depends on the type of fish, some are going to be folding too much so you can add bluff combos, others, like the ones you're describing are stationing too much so you're strategy would work best against them.
    I think I said in the video that giving up in that spot is standard.