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Ryan is back with a review of a tournament that he won recently! He will explain the benefits of smaller field tournaments with regards to variance and training for the endgame, as well as look at his actions for mistakes and more optimal plays.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy the video and leave your questions for Ryan in the comments below!
  • Pr160nz


    rodgethat nice vid i really learn some new staff from you, but i am disagree with the way you play 3 hands,

    19' first is the AQs hand in a flop T63fd i think you open from utg and get call straight after you i dont think that cbeting here is good is because he has more hands that he will call us than folded it coz he will call way often with overcards lower pairs suited Baby A coz i think with AJs i.e. he will reraise the flop, then i think our hand is really weak here in most of the cases then i think check fold is best however i think 2 barrels are not bad too but too risky,

    the other hand is you was in BB holding T8 flop was J93fd you check call to the cbet Turn was 3 you check he check too, river you complete your straight, you say if you not complete your oesd you will bet anycard and i think this is not really good cozz there is too many miss draw that he can call with like any small pair 88-- or with any 9 or any J even any 7 specially when you do that size bet, What do you think he could have in that hand?? i think most of the time he will have any 9 or a fd maybe then when we complete our hand we must try to get maximum value i could really overbetting this river like 1.2 1.3 times the pot he could easily call even AKs because we are really polarized i would love jam but we are way to deep

    te 3rd hand is when you hold JT and 3 barrel board 6K2Q6 where was uncomplete fd and the bb was calling flop and turn here for the same as the previus hand i comment i think is similar situation, then you say you could jam here, then you have big leak jaming your bluff and not your nuts... all other i am agree with you. nice vid i wait for reply
  • rodgethat


    AQss we open in mp and get flatted next to us by a random, I think its a close spot and can make arguments for both but i think vs an unknown in a $15 mtt they are going to have a much wider flatting range pre so we can get away with cbetting more boards because there wider range wont connect with as many boards textures.

    In the 108 had from the bb i think his checking back range on the turn has alot a Ax hands and draws himself, also dont think he has to many Jx hands if any once he checks back the turn, so even though theres alot of miss draws on the board he doesnt have that many hands that will call down, on the flip side we would be value betting Jx or 9X everytime on this river so we are very balanced when having bluffs in our range. Also dont think overbetting here is great because of his weaker range and we would not be overbetting those jX or 9X hands for value.

    The j10 hand on btn, I agree with you if we are shoving j10 here we have to be shoving ak+ as well, now thinking more about it i think shoving with that range and our bluffs is the better play then what we did becuase it puts his capped range in a tough spot ( we will have more nut hands pre in our range then he will, AA,KK,aK, etc )

    Thanks for watching! Glad you enjoyed it!
  • Pr160nz


    thxs for quick reply i am still desagree with the T8 hand i read my explaination i explained really bad, i was meaning in the case we not complete our draw i think i will never bluff here because are too many hands that my oponent can call with, i.e. if the river comes a blank like a 6 and we bet what we are representing? i think we are pretty much representing a bluff higher than a 50% of the time, and when he bet that flop he will always have a hand or a draw because is very wet board(and oponents mostly never bet nothing usually in that kind of board), then will be easy call for him with a hand like KQ for a bet of 50% of the pot same for a Ax type of hand, this because the texture of the flop, we represent pretty much a draw or a bad J or a 9 then is better to mucked, for the same reason i think overbetting the river when we make our hand has more value because we can rep miss draws too, especially when the 7 come over so i think he will call same amount of times when we bet 50% or overbetting(because i never see him cbeting with Axo there or Kxo as i explained before), i think this kind of spot are very interesting to analyze and i am glad we can discuss about different points of view.

    ABout hand number 1 i think yes we can find arguments for cbet or not very good,
  • Pr160nz


    in addition i think if i am holding medium strenght hand like a bad J or a 9 i will check to give him a chance to bluff with his miss draw too