$2k SCOOP Deep Run Review - playing with the pros

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $2100
  • Fullring
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Robert "PokerGuru740" Kuhn is back right where he left of last time in his $2k SCOOP review. The table again is very far from perfect, with almost everyone on it being a solid high stakes regular. How will he adjust? See for yourself!


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions for pokerguru in the comments below!
  • piksedem


  • falaxx


    Very interesting video series, lots of hard spots well explained !
    Thanks a lot!
  • elpsycho


    04:10 You said you would call your opponent if he was a little bit deeper. What is your postflop plan in that situation and how would you proceed?

    04:56 Is it reaaly that profitable to call 68o vs UTG given 4.6:1 pot odds?

    37:40 You are always saying that we have enough pot odds. Can you explain this a bit more for example in 78o hand againt floes. We are calling against UTG1 with 4.67:1 pot odds. What do these pot odds give us and how much do we need to call here with 78o?
  • pokerguru740


    Hi elpsycho,

    -This is a question that depends on a ton of different variables. First and most importantly board texture, he's going to win most AKQ high boards for the simple fact a majority of his range will consist mainly of these cards. So how ill proceed post will simply depend on texture, on any board like J53xxx etc ill call minumum one or 2 streets.
    -The next important decision to make is check out the timing of how he acts, more experienced opponents will not often have timing tells but others will so trying to figure out what his timing tells mean will go a long way for your future equity.
    -Lastly how he's playing currently and past experience, is he known for 3b'ing super wide from the sb and blasting off 3 streets as a bluff? Does he have tendencies that lean him more toward the passive post type of opponents. All very important when making decisions.

    To answer your second question, I believe so yes. It's good for your overall range to be defending really wide as it will not only pursuade opponents to raise tighter against your big blind if you've proven to be a tough bb to get it will make your overall range tough to play against. Getting 4.67-1 will protect your equity and allow you to see showdowns you might not otherwise.
    -For your last question alot of it has been answered in my last post.
  • alanoue1215


    Enjoyed the video series, theories on balanced ranges, gto lines, inducing bluffs and how you explained it. I've always been an sng and multi player so your cash game deep stack play, knowledge and explanations are expert level. Thanks pokerguru740!