The Sunday 500 Live review - Road to the final table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $530
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Stasia42 is back with a big MTT win! He will review the tournament that he recorded live from 120 remaining players onwards. Focus will be on applying pressure near the bubble, while avoiding tricky spots vs other big stacks and being aggressive vs weak players.


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Comments (13)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave yours comments and questions below!
  • Stasia4242


    This is Part 1/6 of the Sunday 500, will gladly answer any questions you may have guys ;}
  • benaars


    what software do you use which shows the profits, ROI, ABI for the table ur playing?
  • Stasia4242


    @BenAArs - I use Tournament Shark, very simple and easy-to-use tool.

    Also check out specific players at OPR, and SharkScope.
  • olbijunior


  • Stasia4242


    #5 Olbi

    Tx mate ;]
  • swetlana26


    good format keep doing it, good vid!
  • Stasia4242


    #7 Swetlana

    TYTY :]
  • VinnyCout


    good vid
  • Stasia4242


    Thanks guys! Hope u r ready for Part 2 video, as we approach The late stages of the Tournament! :}
  • Smertvich


    In my opinion, the worst format ever. 74 minutes of what!? Several hands first 35 mins, then 10 mins of absolutely nothing (just waiting hand-for-hand and talking), and just about 3 hands played in the rest 30 mins.
    I think, it would be much much better to go for a Hand History review of this tourney. I am sure there were a lot of interesting hands early and mid stage, how you get your stack.
  • Stasia4242


    @Smertvich - Format is obv an experiment, just wanted to show how it fells like in "reality", when u sit and play for 12 hours a tournament, with all the gaps of boredom between hands played.

    Tried to make the chit-chat between hands as interesting as possible, sry u didn't like
  • piguly1706


    after winning this tournament, I would not have anything to do already: P