The Big $162 Victory Review - Reaching The Top

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $160
  • Fullring
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In the second part of his review, SPhillips22 continues to analyse hands from The Big $162 he's played on PokerStars. He outplays his opponents, plays for big pots, and finally reaches the top!


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Comments (14)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video!
  • Barbulexu


    Nice video! I like the way you think in the difficult spots! GG!
  • EduMiravalles


    why??? why???? why we have to pay for everything!!!!
  • chimk3


  • SvenBe


    He guys, for a free video from Sam please go here: - will be in the news tomorrow!
  • gavinonymous


  • Havlisak


    Really good video, I liked the atc opening spots so much. Could you make a video of some really easy field tourney with good prizepool like SM or WU, id like to see how loose you play the opening stages when noone is really good at the table.
  • vitnc


    Great video!! Agreed with #7!! You could make a video showing how to play optimally early stages of tournaments like WU and SM!! Btw congrats for the EPT run!!
  • Member0815


    Good video, I like that there was quite some postflop play. However I don´t agree with all the hands. Two hands espacially I would like you to explain your opinion a bit better.

    At 8 min: I absolutely agree that this would be a good spot for a 3bet IN POSITION. Considering the bet-, pot-, and stacksizes I would think we´ll see a lot of floats from all kind of stuff. If we can play in Position, we have the advantage that we can take another free card, but a check here looks like we would give up. And a subsequent bet could be anything than. Even if we hit our 8 high flush, which is the major "equity" you name, we have a bluffcatcher, what do you want to do with it, bet it and possibly exploid yourself, if you check, you look so weak, that you will probably call, but you still don´t have any clue against what you are playing. Only three outs are clean, and to get value with those is also difficult ooP, I think you put yourself in a lot of horrible situation, which is the reason that I would call a wide part of my range if I would play against you.

    At 48 min: Why should he bluff again, you basically excluded any strong pf-hand, so he at most could have had a blank ace or an ace with a small pair, but would he really double-barrel hands with such good showdown value and basically turn them into a bluff? So I don´t really see how the ace is a card that he can represent very good with his range, I would rather see you calling it off with an ace the way it happened, the only thing he could believably have is KT in my opinion, that he would now bet for value.
  • SPhillips22


    Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions. I think i will review the Sunday Warmup for my next video.

    Member, the hand at 8 mins is certainly a loose play from me and as you eluded, i dont have many outs other than my gutshot that will give me a hand I can comfortably value bet with. I still chose to make the play to take advantage of the fact that most people are cbetting too wide a range here and also to take advantage of the 2nd biggest stack not wanting to tangle with me due to icm. At 48 minutes you make a good point about the ace not being that good for his range, but the final runout gives him a pretty big range advantage when he knows i will raise a ton of the hands that make two pair or top pair, while he could still have those albeit at a discounted rate.
  • Smertvich


    Thanks for the review.
    I think, placing the replayer so that bottom bar wouldn't get on screen, is much better. Knowing the result kinda not help you think hard through the hand.
    Also, not sure, but if stats are important, it will be great to see a review in HM replayer with all the stats. :)
  • August2007


    Sam, thank's for a video and grats woth ept :) Saw a russian version, you wanted comments with 66 play, I think your range catch the flop so often so you can choose your line with donkbet and transfer your hand in bluff on the flop. I agree with your line but I think mostly better play with hand without pair but in real you will win on the showdown seldom so I think better line could be donkbet on flop vs ranges opponents, and may be opponets will fold hands better than you after bets turn and river.
    If you mind, I ask you to make video with more postflop action in tourneys with deep stack (like SM, SWU, may be some majors from other rooms, not only stars) with stats in HM replayer. And I would like you can make more comments with thinking about opponent's ranges and exploitation. Thank you.
    P.S. Sorry, my English is not well but I am trying to learn it :) gl!:)
  • August2007


    Oops, sorry, my comment was about first part of tourney.
  • falaxx


    really interesting video series, thanks a lot !