Master the poker math - Odds and outs and pot equity

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In this 3-lesson course you will learn everything you need to know about poker math. Learn about odds & outs, implied odds, pot equity, fold equity and how to put it all together at the tables. In every lesson Bierbaer will first cover some theory, show you how to apply it on hand examples and then jump right into the action to put the theory to practice.


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  • Necrophagist


    Definitely going to give this a going over to refresh my math. I consider it to be good but it wouldn't hurt to tighten it up a bit more!
  • fraleb


    min: 54, your flopraise with AKo, can you please explain why do you think JT8 flop is good to raise vs UTG range ?
    i mean, the overcard outs are not clean and he can call a big part of his range KQ,KJ,AJ,88,TT,JJ,QQ+ perhaps 99. obv you think different ;)
    If he would call and turn blanks, what next ?
  • Promotos


    Top Video, thx!
  • JoMidas


    Great video... its just that in the beginning you said that the pot odds need to be higher than the odds and then by 20 minutes you switched it up and said that the odds need to be higher than the pot odds. Kindly review...
  • Zugwat


    Great Video, good Job!
  • Sollobon


  • Pokrbro


    Thanks for clearing my doubts about pot odds,now i feel more powerful,but still long way to go.