Ditch The Charts Week 2: Get Your Early Game Right

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Unam's Ditch the Charts Course will teach you all you need to know about the early game in Sit and Go Tournament. In this course you will learn how to adjust your preflop game in the early stages depending on opponents. Unam will also be using Poker Ranger to look at different scenarios.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this podcast!
  • DrPepper


    107:00 Every halfway decent player will instantly assume that you would always bet your air on that AA7 board and probably not invest any money after your flop check because he will think you will have at least something like Jacks. I would bet the flop with my whole range and always check the turn afterwards. If you check the flop you give a free card to any low pocket pair that will fold the turn unimproved just as it would have folded the flop. Also I think it's a problem that you don't build a pot against other Ax hands. I don't think you will always get his whole stack in there if he has A4. He will probably call three streets but won't raise at any point in the hand.