The Nemesis - Mortal Range construction - Nemesis approach in detail

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In the second part of Tackleberry's new series you will learn in detail about the Nemesis approach in range construction, which will also be illustrated with an example.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions in the comments below!
  • Ruslan89


    Is the video uploaded right? It suddenly stops by explaination?
  • Tackleberry


    Hey Ruslan, for me it seems to work?
  • Ruslan89


    Strange, also when you put it on 1080?
  • Tackleberry


    Ah yeah, indeed ... when switching to 1080, it seems broke.
  • Tackleberry


    Here´s the thread for discussing and posting your solutions:

    Enjoy! :)
  • darkonebg


    Hey guys, 1080p will be fixed soon - in the meantime please use 720p.
  • iNspiRe


    Hello there, Tackleberry. Here is a question from Russian community:

    You've put villain on a range, and then gave him a model of actions for every possible card on the river for whole range. But I think opponent would play differently on various river cards, like overcards, blanks, board pairing cards and cards that complete flush-draw. I'm not sure that we can neglect that difference in opponent's river play, if we estimate the profitability of our play based on EV. What do you think?
  • Tackleberry


    Hello iNspiRe, I´m not sure I totally got the point.

    First of all, obviously it´s totally correct, if we wanted to define a 100% precise model, we had to analyze different river cards (at least accumulated in clusters).

    But, I didn´t set Villain on a "range" in the sense that I defined the combos? ... What I defined was a "dynamic" range, based on hand strengths, i.e. I defined his valuebetting range to be "top-2-pair and better". It`s obvious that on different board runouts (like a 5 or a 7), the top2 might have different relative hand strengths, but as I was mainly concerned about our (= Hero) frequencies this seems like an acceptable simplification, agree?