Small Tournament, Big Success - Final table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $3.40
  • Fullring
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In the second part of the Micro Millions 3rd place finish of our member biogas, rodgethat is going to go hand-for hand and review the action from the last 18 players all the way to his last flip.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your comments below!
  • SDivinorum


    0,48 trhree sixes < Two pairs?
  • MTV100


  • gugrica


    nice one
  • hermich


    HI ! Some questions about the 3-bet sizing PF:

    7:30: AKo what would be your 3-bet sizing here ? Something about 2,5 x looks standard but since villain opened at 3x you are pretty committed. That raise would represents about 25% of your current stack, and if villain calls you have about a 1,40 SPR so can you let the hand go post-flop ? Hence, is a shove better ?

    11:30: AQo can we 3-bet not all-in here ? It's a squeeze and with 25 BB, can we really size a squeeze ?

    13:15: same question here, but we are much deeper. So what would be your 3 bet size ? About 800 k ?
  • rodgethat



    7:30: I would go on the bigger size since we thought this guy was a bit fishy, he will call us wider. So like 7.500k-800k.

    11:30: We can go to like 5.800k-600k, we may not be vary balanced here since I don't think we ever 3b fold but don't really need to be vs the btn, our 3b keeps his range a lot wider ( he will flat us way to wide ). I do think shoving is fine, esp vs 2 regs I would prefer shoving.

    13:15: again I would go 2.8x-3x his open sizing, don't have to make it as big since we are IP

    Thanks for the comments guys!
  • biogas


    For those interested the final table is still replaying on stars (as of 14.09.29) micromillions event 064 (torney ID 932545611). Enjoy.
  • smock1maz


  • jikev


    42:00 AJo with 20bb why not 3bet shove? The small stack i s not that short, and the big stack has been loose the last several hands.
  • OsoMeloso1


    I really appreciate this type of video. Spot on insight. Thanks.