The difference between stakes - NL100 live

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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Struggling to move up? Hizintak helps you with his new series, this time on NL100 at PokerStars. He will also talk about some typical leaks at those stakes.


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Comments (7)

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions in the comments below!
  • tamazas


    thanks, nice vid
  • Porter1000


    arround min 30: maybe he is drunk :D
  • mataremata


    min 23 interesting fold looool
  • nikolet17


    Interesting movie.
  • Veini


    8min with AK and a fold on the turn in 3bp. I would be calling here. against an average range of:
    Pöytä: 8h7s2s5d
    VO Voitto Tasan
    MP2 41.17% 41.17% 0.00% { 66-55, 9d9c, 9h9c, 9s9c, ATs, T8s, KdQd, KhQh, KcQc, KdJd, KhJh, KcJc, QdJd, QhJh, QcJc, KdTd, KhTh, KcTc, QdTd, QhTh, QcTc, Ad9d, Ah9h, Ac9c, 9d8d, 9h8h, 9c8c, KQo }
    MP3 58.83% 58.83% 0.00% { AcKd }

    is my range for villians turn stab ok and what reasons makes you fold ?
  • hizintak


    Hi Veini
    I think you're a bit off with the range assignment there.
    First I expect him to have less air when he stabs turn and not flop. Second problem is the way you constructed his air range, look how many combos of Kx and Ax compared to Qx or other types or air hands you have given him, and obviously we have those crushed.
    Third problem is that I have this player marked as tighter player, so I think calling him down tighter is going to be a good adjustment.