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In this video you will learn the concept of aggressive bankroll management and get an overview of our new Tankroll BRM.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your impressions and questions in the comments below!
  • KTU


    Hope you guys like it. Sorry for my English - I'm not native ;) If you have any questions feel free to ask
  • HypnoMarsu


    This sounds a lot like the Chris Ferguson BRM he used for his challenges way back in the day. IIRC it was something like buy in for a maximum 5% of your bankroll. But he also had a cash-out/leave table clause that said he had to leave the table if his (effective) stack represented 10% or more of his bankroll. Should we do something similar when trying to tankroll? For example we just moved up stakes and we double up on a table where a good thinking player with a deep stack has position on us.
  • luca02


    looking forward for the next video for higher stakes. :)
  • Razorheart


    oookkkeyyy, Now I just need the 150 euros and the rakeback deal...
  • Razorheart


    Seriously, the Tankroll chart should be available for download as a PDF.
  • FacePoka


    +1 Razorheart - PDF download would be great
  • wlcKeD


    #6 +2
  • AdJag


    Started ' the game' with $150. ...
  • gavinonymous


    I play in US$ are the limits in $$ and BR in euro, both in euro, or should I convert euro to dollars?
  • mymyshor


    gavinonymous, tink in BBs, for example start whit 1500 bbs in nl10 go for there... i have to say i used this last yeah the entire year xD... is working great buuuuttt is hard for the mind set and also you have to study alot to keep ahead of the curve.. i used a slide difrent strategy, starting whit 10-buyins go up and down whit also 10buyins. if i make a avarge i made like 1.3k evrey month cause was months busto :D and months that i wont 3k-4k ..
  • londonsystem


    As a recreational player, I like this concept a lot. I will try it soon in another card room.

    In my previous years, I missed one big thing - Not step-down right away, instead of waiting till the end of session. It costed a lot to build my BR, and I was even following the conventional BRM.
  • SirTradeAlot


    #2 dude, don't worry about it, its authentic - even if you spoke highest oxford english terms ze tank, ze blitzkrieg and ze defense line immediately reveal ze wustenfuchs in your blood :)))
  • Brdjan


    I don't like it. I think in today's poker variance is too big for this to work. It will probably work for some people but for every person it worked there will be much much more who went bust.
  • hasufly


    o gott sis englisch :D
  • hasufly


    interesting video though
  • Bobes12


    #14: +1
  • advokator


    интересное видео
  • vasskonttiRNMD


    Nice video KTU! I will try this tactic! How many tables you suggest playing?
  • ostanca


    good video
  • dnl99


    I expected something aboute World of Tanks... anyway it was good video:)
  • Ambrosh


    nice video
  • beatdown123


    muy interesante...
  • Honda70


    i like this eng. :)
  • adimiz


  • marcepoker17


    How can you make this into "tankroll brm for mtt???
  • sillywilly


    I will to try this system out. Once I start winning
  • icvrabie


    If you are a good player at NL5, you can make at least 10$/1.000hands; so, what's the point in making 1.000$ in 100.000hands with a system that has a higher variance?
  • KTU


    "If you are a good player at NL5, you can make at least 10$/1.000hands;"
    $3/1000 hands sounds more reasonalbe to me. ;)
  • Stroill343


    Sounds fun
  • MrPink578


    Great and helpful video. Great job!
  • msp3101


    An absolutely fabulously enjoyable presentation.
    Will definitely take on this challenge if I complete my current challenge at some point in the distant future :).
  • 4s4s4s


    Quite interesting.