Flying through the stakes - Microstakes

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2 - $10
  • Fullring
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Rogier and Vice1 are proud to present you their brand new series - Flying through the stakes. It is supposed to make you climb the stakes and has a special focus on full ring play. The first part will cover the microstakes and will dissect the most common mistakes that players do there.


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  • SWScuracao


    Leuk gedaan guys!
    ben benieuwd naar de mid & highstakes :)
  • pike107


    Leuke video, erg leerzaam voor beginners.
    Zoiets lijkt me ook wel leuk voor zoom games. Dat werkt allemaal net iets anders dan normale cash games.
  • gadget51


    Hi all. As much as we really do appreciate your comments, we would prefer them to be in English within the English community please.

    Thank you for your understanding. :)
  • Dikenh0ff


    Nice vid, educational
  • pike107


    Gadget51 sorry for that. ;)

    Nice Video, very educational for beginning players.
    It would also be nice if something like this would be made for zoom games. Because it works a little bit different than on normal cash tables.
  • MichFran


    I'll be watching this tomorrow :)
  • Heave112


    Cool video, instructive and straight to the point.
    Leaving this funny Vid for my old buddy Rogier , didn't know how to pronounce your name till I saw it:
  • MalomeMolloy


    Отличное видео
  • redrawstump


    can you back off the mic a bit... :)
  • 100Alexandra


    Nice video but I can hear Rogier softly compair to loud Vice1. Video stopt a bit abrupt, Why? De rest is comming later?

    Thanks for learning.
  • gospod100


    Where is the opening chart?
  • flopraiser


    Very informative for the beginner, will be looking out for similar video's
  • dewrden


    A great video!!!
    And as gospod asked, where is the opening chart?
  • Freddo993


    true story, where is the Opening chart?
  • pianist8716


    flying through the stakes, awesome headline xDDD
  • pianist8716


    good luck at the tables guys xD
  • RobotP


    Hi, I just watched the video, thanks for that, I found some good arguments there for my micro full ring game. From tech point of view I would recommend to use all screen for the tables in the video, there are a lot of unused space remained, and the tables are so small, we barely see the numbers of pots, stakes and hud stats.
  • royalfx


    Now I have easier way.
  • Talisker74


    Would be nice to play one hand and explain it and than explain the next one and not to change so often during the hands.
  • Ivaneg


    Good video! I hope it will increase my skills in the game. Thanks a lot!
  • totalfish


    very helphull video indeed thanks!
  • DELETEDM_6982008


    Nice and helpful video and hand discussions - but harsh stop at 40 min, would have liked to see more
  • fapaja


    Really nice video for us beginners.