Winning the Hot $75 - The Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $75
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Katie Dozier's final Hot $75 video is all about the final table of the tournament. She's starting the final table as the cheap leader, but how well did she manage to apply pressure on the smaller stacks and continue dominating the table? Watch and see for yourself!


as chip leader hrc ICM pokerstars major turbo multi table tournament

Comments (9)

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  • Tiltberger


    min 6:02 - should be any2?

    10:33 -> qq jam is alright. against minraise you flat don't you? to give the bb the chance to jam?

    17:45 flat should be totally +ev either... probably more than 0.9% of the remaining pricepool!

    a4 button afterwards... imo easy minraise or at least you can limp the button. Its an interesting line + you have an easy decision against a jam! You already said the player doesn't look like a regular... so why do you think he is going to jam after nashicm against your openraisingrange... this is imo wrong

    k10 either... easy limp or minraise... you'll never know that they really abuse nash in a perfect way!

    hu 89s also against 3x for 30bb I call that for nutpotential

    In general explanations seem reasonable! But please use stats and review the tournament in hm2 or pt4. There are so many statbased decisions, you could explained autoprofit spots vs tight players etc. etc.

  • KoeNe4U


    lol, im in this vid :D
  • vladd20


    I really like your energy, keep up the good work
  • Verdan1T


  • Pr160nz


    hELLO KATIE i share some opinions with tiltberger but i am agree with you too since i do not have any stats of the opponents speacialy to play the hands in the button A4o-a4o-KTo i would like to see the stats of them, and i am only disagree with the hand in the HU A6 in the boton when you connect top pair, since you dont know very much what is his range on the flop and the pot is so huge i will just 3betshove my top pair i think he will pbbly call any pair+gutshot including some middle or top pair with good kicker, also i think this board is different of the board 292fd where u made a inducing cbet,

    good game =) c u at the tables
  • piguly1706


    good money were to win this tournament :)
  • Brylantt


    fast money!
  • alendelon911


    good video
  • Schnuppi92


    Thank you for that video