Late Night PLO with Kyyberi and Skodljivec

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In his first Late Night PLO session, Kyyberi will be joined by an old student in Skodjlivec, who has now surpassed his former teacher, and the two will discuss in detail their experiences grinding professionally over the last few years. It doesn't matter if you're a rookie or a mid-stakes crusher, players of all levels will be able to learn from these two guys. They have a wealth of poker experience, and will be talking you through some of the toughest obstacles they faced on their PLO journeys, as well as what they think is essential for YOU to learn in order to conquer the game.


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  • aleksandrova65


  • chegui11


    почему видео не работает?
  • chegui11


    Error loading media/ file not found
  • Kyyberi


    #3 Works for me.
    #2 I can't understand russian, sorry...
  • MIStrZZZ


    no offense, but how could you become a coach if you play plo25 for over a year now?
  • murzius


    #5 maybe he coaching low stakes players. To beat this stakes. And alot of variance in this games any way :)
  • maan3575


    #quite good
  • MIStrZZZ


    #6 this is his graph from the 1st September 2014. Half of the hands are from PLO50 and half are from PLO25. How can a player that is playing less than 10k hands over a 3 month period be a coach and on top of that be a losing player? Not to mention that he is playing low stakes for a long ass time and still can't beat it.
  • MIStrZZZ


    sorry I wrote low stakes? 25 is micro i think...
  • Kyyberi


    Thanks for the feedback ;) If you watched the video I actually answer to your question there. I don't know where you got your graph, as it is not from my database. If you think that 7K hand samplesize is enough to ensure that I am a losing player, then I don't see any way to convince you otherwise. What I would like is for you to judge my coaching by the content, not by assumptions about the stakes I play. As the reason for lowish stakes and lowish volume IS available in this video.
  • s0ulcrusHer


    Thanks guys, really comprehensive vids, just keep improving and put solid basis to my technical and mental game :)
  • cngfin


    Great video! Thanks to Kyyberi and Skod, I'd like to see more this sort of discussions. Btw also like Skod's videos where he is in action :)
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    I think this was the only late night plo session or??? Are there coming any more?