The Big $27 review - Autopiloting

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $27
  • Fullring
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Rodgethat is back with another sweet deep run review - and is not shy to reveal any of the details- from the mass multitable beginning with a lot of autopilot decisions to the focus and exploit adaptation when he goes deeper. How will it turn out? Watch and find out!


MTT Multi Table Tournament Multi-Table Tournament multitable Multitable Tournament PT4 tournament session review

Comments (4)

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  • Smertvich


    Nice, looking forward for the next one
  • belgianbeer


    I really like your thinking process, thanks a lot !
    at 36:00 you say you widien your range in this kind of situation with hands like 77.
    Is it to broke against BB or BB and the open-raiser ?
    What is your 3b/call range against hijack ?
  • rodgethat


    Thanks for the comments guys!

    #2 Our 3b/call range totally depends on how wide villain is opening and how likely he is to 4b bluff/folding to 3bs. I think vs a good reg like Assad91 we can go as wide as 66+ cause its a spot we will be 3b bluffing a decent amount so he will be 4b ripping alot.

    Have to be careful with your range here because some ppl are opening a wide range but they are folding to 3bs too much, so taking a hand like 66 for value vs them might not be a good idea but 3b bluffing them more often will be better.

    Hope that makes sense
  • MatthiasPohl


    Nice vidéo !