Sam Phillips in the Sunday Warm-Up: Introduction

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Sam Phillips returns after his 1 million euros tournament win at EPT Barcelona, and he listened to your requests for showcasing one of the Sunday Majors that he frequents. In the first part of the review he is going to cover the early phase of this Sunday Warm-up, try to get reads on his opponents and build up his stack.


early phase PokerStars Sunday major tournament deep run review

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  • landesmy


    me parece que la explicacion que da es razonable.
  • gabrielnassif


    Hey Sam,

    I don't feel like the 31:30 call with KQo is +EV with 6 players left to act, is it a read/tracker dependant call or do you always call there ? To a lesser extent, I'm not a fan of the 14:40 call with ATo unless vilain is super loose. Are those two calls fairly standard for you ?
  • murzius


    ;( cant watch all
  • SPhillips22


    Hey Gabriel,

    Both those spots you picked up on are very interesting. Both calls are near the bottom of my flatting range in those particular spots, and vs. certain villians I will turn them into three bet bluffs rather than flat calls. I like the high card and blocker strength of both hands as well as my position. I think the profitability of 3b/f and flatting are close, with both options being better than folding vs. the vast majority of villians.
  • julito23



    27:00 QJs:

    I like the check on the flop, but I think I slightly prefer a bet on the turn when checked to us. I think we might get some value out of worse flush draws (lower and/or with no pair), that will obviously fold on the river when missed.

    29:00 KK:

    I think I would bet slightly smaller on the turn. You are betting huge into 4 players, which looks very strong. If I was one of those players I would never think you are taking a stab with that sizing. On the river once called, I think the big sizing is much better, since we want to continue with our story and get max value vs the hands he is not going to fold.

    31:30 KQo:

    I would have said the same as gabriel, you are going to be dominated so many times that I don't think it is a profitable call, however I assume you must have a solid reason to make this play. This would make for an interesting topic for a video, 3bet/calling ranges on EP vs EP opens and so on.

    38:40 TT:

    If your plan is to stack off with Holigok and fold to IkillU, couldn't you get away with a slightly smaller 4bet, like 5k?
  • ko4erga86


    статуса не хватает, обидно(
  • TimonBezPumba


    i do not like the KQ turn bet when we hit, just because vurses the same guy when we checked the 3way pot with AJo after we cbet flop - he instantly bet.. so we could exploit the read before few hands.So we could c/c or c/r and win more chips.With the check we can even pot control if he hits the flush.Even if he doesnt have the flushdraw and it comes, we can bluffcatch