Exploiting weaker players with Paul Ratchford

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $2000
  • Shorthanded
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In his first video for PokerStrategy.com, The Poker Capitalist is going to take a look on some of his very interesting hand histories against weaker players. In the second hand he will face a huge overbet in a 700bb pot on NL2000, so be sure to watch the whole video!


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Comments (12)

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  • ghaleon


    Hand 1: Would villain really turn Tx combos in to bluffs? AJ, AQ, QJ are in his bluff range, but I would doubt there would be that much other stuff. Though I am not cash player.
  • Dazalef


    What was that all about when you didn't even finish the hand . Why all this equate shit...
  • gormless


    #2 you need to be gold to see whole video. You will have just seen the first 4 mins
  • DuxY92


  • partyace7


    1st hand , i dont like what range u think that vilan have especialy PRE. Who 3B 99-66/ call 4B ???
    Kq is there a big amount of the time.
    Also dont think he is gona have small AXs.So ,IMO in first hand verry bad read about vilan range.
    Sry guys i stopped here .
  • unshpe


    What year and what sites are the hands in this video from?
  • hoangtumeocon


    not see full with silver ?
  • AcApRoBoT


  • ThePokerCapitalist



    I think you may be a bit confused about what I was saying. I wasn't trying to present an ideal 3bet range. I actually agree with you 66-99 will not commonly 3bet and call a 4bet. I believe I said in the video lots of players will shove 99 (88 gets shoved a good bit too by more aggressive player). It doesn't matter too much about the pocket pairs anyhow (they aren't in the hand on the river regardless). I also don't think that if you replace the 66 and 77 with hands that are more likely to 3bet and call it will make a big difference in the results. The point of this hand is really to illustrate on the river our Villain has enough bluffs in his range that a call makes sense. Not sure if you agree or disagree with this by your comments? If you disagree I would be interested in the logic behind that. KQ is an interesting one because I wonder how many Villain's at 1/2 are capable of betting it for value... Thoughts?


    I didn't want to get overly complicated with the video. I think some Villains will turn 10x combos into a bluff but I think most will not. So I would discount the number that I included. Lots of possible counts here but I think still lead to a call. Same thing with KQ I think that some Villains will have that hand on the river but only some will bet it. IMO at 1/2 NLHE where I play less than 50% would value the river in this situation though it may be close.


    All the hands are recent and from European networks. The 10/20 one was pretty crazy eh! Too bad that doesn't happen frequently haha.

  • Kruppe


    ok watched the first hand and wow, this is just trash, horrible fundamentals. do you really beat midstakes? i guess you're one of those bumhunters on the small sites i play on that never play HU vs me and are generally rubbish.
  • Kruppe


    ok i would like to take my comment back, sorry. really no point in posting something negative like that.
  • SheEmm7500