Crushing in 3-bet pots - Exploiting aggressive 3-bettors and 4-bettors

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In the second part of his 3-bet course Bierbaer is going to touch the subject of defending vs aggressive 3- and 4-bettors, as well as why not to play GTO against them and how to exploit them both pre and post flop.


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  • shalzyvl


    great video bierbaer, thumbs up but there came some questions in my mind.

    1. you said that our realizable eq. drops 12-15% oop, then you said if we're IP vs. a 3bet our realizable eq. also drops about 10-15%
    i was just wondering if you use the same eq. realazation factor for IP and OOP.

    2. if you 4bet and get it in with TT against a 11% 3bet range does that mean that you Ship TT+ AK (46 combos) for value and 4b/f something like the next best 50 combos ? (like AJs-AQs,KJs+,AJo-AQo,KQo)

    3. back to the queens hand: you would probably bet a lot of FDs, some BDFDs and some sets on this board, xc JJ-QQ and Tx, what would you do with AA-KK? ou mentioned you would also bluff the 99, what would you do with 66-88 (say they are in our 3bettingrange) and how will you procced on a blank turn?

    thanks a lot and once again thumbs up for the great video bierbaer!
  • shalzyvl


    just one more question about the calling ranges. if we need 31% for a call given pot odds and substract 10% from our realizable eq. we would end up calling with all hands that have > 41% eq. vs. a 16% range right?
    that would be something like 99-22,AQs-A2s,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T8s+,98s,87s,76s,A5o+,KTo+,QJo. maybe add some SC since they have a higher eq. realization facor? That would bring me to a calling range from about 23% against a 16% 3bet. does that seem reasonable to you against an opponent who has some "balanced" betting frequencies postflop?
    thanks a lot
  • schnukki007


    can u pls post the link to ur coaching thread, where u post the summary ?