Robert Kuhn on shorthanded tournaments

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $38 - $50
  • Shorthanded
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The poker guru is back after a big trip around Europe with a review of the format he feels most comfortable playing - shorthanded tournaments. You will get to see some of his mistakes and also how he thinks during a session review of his own play in this $44 review.


6max deep run review multi table tournaments PT4

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  • luckskaiworker


    pocket 8s @ 24:42 - why do you 3bet so big vs his shortstack? looks like a medium strong hand as you got it.
    would prefer like 480 or less to make him expect some foldequity and to not possibly cap your range in the eyes of everyone else left to act
  • pokerguru740


    To be honest my grind setup in Europe has been a disaster, I'm playing on a TV with my laptop farther away so that I can't type in numbers So I was rounding them off. I like your sizing more as it (should) accomplish the same thing with both bluffs and value hands.