Spin and Go with Collin Moshman and Anto11

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $1 - $30
  • Shorthanded
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Collin Moshman has a special guest for his Spin and Go adventure - Anto11 also known as parodiq, a sit and go coach with some experience in Spin and Go tournaments. Together they will talk about the particularities of the format and play some of this fun gametype.


live session video podcast PokerStars PT4 spin and go

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  • feedmypokerbrain


    Check sharkscope on this guy.
  • oviman


    Thank you Moshman and Anto11! :) Such a great video. Both of you are amazing!
  • makumba1


    putinskije suki paszly w krym
  • Banana17


    The question has already been asked before by #10, but is it really worth paying such a high rake for those games? Are they beatable profitably?
  • NegsNegsNegz


    Thanks for the video. Love all of your content Collin :)
  • MIM1C


    Thanks for the Spin&GO content
  • simon1312


    Great video. Dropping great knowledge for the begginers. Pokerstrategy as allways has the best videos!
  • pianist8716


    quite interesting man, you have made good job
  • pavellllllll


    Хорошее видео, правда качество картинки ужасное. При одном столе во весь экран едва различается текст. Акцент жоцкий )))
  • jls


    I hear russian akcent)
    WHo play with Collin?
    How use russian subtiters??? Need Russian translate
    P.S. Moshman the God)
  • makuta


    good video!
  • Greu5754


    He is a coach? Well I should do coachings, too i guess......ridiculous......
  • Faultier911


    the donk in min 37 really rock, limp/call anything and reraise always ^^
  • moreanes1


    Sorry for double post.
  • moreanes1


    So, Anto11, do you think it is worth to play this games or not?
  • moreanes1


    So, Anto11, do you think it is worth to play this games or not?
  • HoldemRob88


  • Neogreben


    in russian transleit please
  • RusInvasion


    переведите на русский
  • Signeto


  • Anto11


    Hi, you can find add me in the forum and PM me. For more info see my coaching tread - http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?postid=1886105#post1886105 .
    Yes, till the end of the year for one fast super nova to exchange my FPPs I will play them. For the next year I don't know. I will think about it.
  • MadInAVacuum


    Anto11 will you keep playing spin & goes after the increased rake and new price structure were introduced?
  • alexpier


    Wher we find Anto11 to talck whit him?