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    i dont understand why 9Ts is a strong draw on 892 flop
  • dadude77


    hes talking about its a strong drawing hand preflop. He hadn't talked about the flop yet
  • TheBrood


    This video went by much faster than the others, and I learned to bet my draws even oop, ty
  • Jeroomm


    Nice video hasenbraten!

    Would love to see more of these :)
  • Janusrichmond


    good video as always ;)
  • ElectricFern


    Hello, on that big 7-way, 3-bet flop where you had AA, you bet after the flop and had the player immediately after you call (the flop being JK7). You presumed he either had KJ or 77. My question is: how did you know he didn't have JJ or KK? My only guess is that AA with that flop still has better equity than his hand-range, is that it?