Sam Phillips in the Sunday Warm-Up:Playing Short-Stacked

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Check how Sam Phillips adjust to different stack sizes and aggressive opponents in the last part of his Sunday Warm-Up review.


big stack deep run review mid phase PokerStars Sunday major tournament

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  • cubigialai


  • maxtere


    Hi, great video Sam. Live video could be interesting as well as big109, and pokerfest. :D so do anything you want :)
  • turbo2014


    Ohhhh y😁😁
  • guenni187


    Upps ich glaube hier bin ich dan wohl Falsch als BROZE.
  • pearlamb


    Decidi não esperar as oportunidades e sim, buscá-las. Decidi ver cada dia como uma nova oportunidade de ser feliz.
  • Vrachev39


  • ReggioUltras


    Question about flatting small 4bets, what about a split range in this kind of spots, I think you really want to 5b jam hands like AK, pocket 99??
  • alicho88


  • PatrykLA


  • PokerMaryKay


    Thank you, Sam. You are incredible! You are one of my favorite coach on pokerstrategy! I like your LAG style!
    Sorry for my bad English. I would like to see the analysis of won tournaments, which you spoke about and the lower limits too!! (perhaps some Bigs or Hots 11-33 $ with lots of loose-passive fishs). Are you play with they more tight on preflop or not?
  • PokerMaryKay


    and I have some question: at 31:20 you says that normally would call v minraise on bb with stack 7bb. What range you would have played there call? and the whole range of call if you played push any flop? HRC said that in such situations to profitably call any2 (at least in chipEV mode). But what's the catch? because it is clear that no one is doing. HRC means that we sell 100% equity?
    Generally I would like to hear your thoughts on those occasions when we komplits with SB or call minraise in the big blind, where we have very good odds
  • PokerMaryKay


    And the question about 32:30 with LJ push 15BB with A5o. Why you did not even commented that an order of magnitude larger than the Nash?
    17.6%, 22+ A8s + A5s ATo + K9s + KJo + Q9s + QJo J9s + T9s 98s
    Are you believes that it will call for much tighter than the Nash? Is not it better to play here would raise\fold??
  • PokerMaryKay


    34:50 You says you going to beat his showdown Velho two rates, but when you came on the river, you says that your opponent will call with the king, six, and possibly with the eighth that make up a large part of its spectrum. So maybe in this case, not falling into the river does a check \ fold? or you would folding A-high?
  • PokerMaryKay


    p.s. At 26:40 I dont know, I personally raise \ fold like the lower part of the range of push
    and at 19:30 fold, too, in my not so already and terrible, after so many 3bet, it all still has to understand that he can push the loose 4-bet, and should therefore have to pick up the hand with which he is at least ready to play postflop in 3bet-pot
  • pearlamb


    Eu abraço minha mãe e ela já diz: "Nem vem que eu não tenho dinheiro."


  • trung2683


  • JackPot11


    коммент для билета... без обид ;)