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Comments (6)

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  • Nitlib


    Nice ;)
  • aciddrop


    Perfect english, must be all the american television shows you watch.

    Do more vids, the English community need you too.

    I'm glad I don't play FL. It seems that at the level you play, going to showdown almost all the time is the "metagame". It would give me an ulcer.
  • Frag1Le


    This video was as good as any video made by native english speakers in terms of language. And of course it's always nice to watch your play of LHE and listen your commentary, especially I liked considerations about metagame and creating an table image, hopefully you will expand this topic futher in next videos.

    So I'm sure everybody who plays Fixed Limit and doesn't know Deutsch is definitely looking for more english vids from you, and not only in English community :) Thank you Kobeyard.
  • Dodadodadodada


    Warum kannst du so gut Englisch du Wichser? o.O -.-

    Nice one ;D
  • redskwerl


    nice vid, ty

    your english is great, i'd love to see more of these vids coz tbh my german is a bit rusty lol
  • DukeFreedom


    Good video, I liked the 'live' part of the video for a change too. It feels more realistic than those afterwards analyzed videos, as it gives a better insight into the thoughts 'live at the table'.

    It's also nice that you discussed some theoretical topics with actual hands as example, like the meta-game and your image of being unbluffable or not as well as the relatively small difference between calling with AK or Kx on the river HU when its ment to catch bluff.

    For the rest you have a very clear voice! :)