Tournament Grind Inc.: Part Two

  • Recorded coachings
  • MTT
  • $1 - $75
  • Fullring
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Here is a recording from Tournament Grind Inc. coaching from 14th of November. Enjoy!


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Comments (14)

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  • fuselzwerg


    nice vid!

    i liked the music in backround especially chinese man!
  • fuselzwerg


    hmmm... looks like half of my comment is missing cuz of the hearth for chinese man.

    wrote that first i was a bit confused by the stacked tables and thought it would be tough to follow for hours. after a while i got used to it and seriously thinking of unsing this for my grinding-sessions.

    again: nice vid!
  • tungng001


  • LuckyLukePS


    Thanks guys :) Yes I did experiment with tiling, but it's so uncomfortable for me that I just made a ton of misclicks :P I will be stacking in several stacks and not playing too many tabs so it should work out decently for future vids...


    great video ;)
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    Too much tables even to watch
  • alendelon911


  • Glladioluss


  • Paltuz


    Это какой турнир он играет я так и понял, кто тут более понятлевый???
  • ritschy22


    that cascade fully sreen is not that easy too watch.

    cant you split tables, too watch other ranges etcpp.
  • guenni187


    sorry in english is not my favorit here.
  • zuki14


    this is fine
  • linda82


    i think iam wrong here because english and Silver only.
  • kingtom33


    nice vid!