Defending the BB vs a LP steal Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $50 - $100
  • Shorthanded
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Skodljivec, our PLO specialist, analyse in this video the importance and profitability of defending the Big Blind versus late position steal.He team up with 2 of his best students with different approach styles- Suhepxm and Marcus- to analyse hands played in each style highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of both styles.


Game Plan guests hand history review HM2 PLO preflop Steal

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  • DmitrichVRN


  • helliaspapas


    Nice vid..At 40:41 why would we like to bet this card if we got a draw?
  • MrTrocks


    nice 1
  • nata197708


    смотреть не плохо только еслибы ктото переводил
  • DAemonT


  • Skodljivec




    Because pairing cards give you a lot of fold equity; you usually fold out other people's draws and overpairs.
  • ArtemonUA


    то что доктор прописал начинаю втягиватся
  • marcosalison


  • jumpink


    good video
  • jumpink


    can someone tell me how to make easy money? :D
  • DrPepper


    Let me first come out and say that I really like these videos a lot. The thought process is very interesting although I never seem to agree with much you guys are saying. It's still very interesting. But I really have to say this time that personally, I think all of these hand a not even close but rather horribly missplayed at pretty much all streets, especially the last one. I'm not trolling or anything, I just think that most general ideas about these hands or the ranges you assume are pretty wrong.

    I could talk a lot about the first hand as well, but let's focus on the last one. I really don't have THE SLIGHTEST bit of a clue why you would assume that a reg would bet a king here almost all of the time. This board is 100% dry, there is not even a FD out, and there is pretty much nothing that can call him here as we are threeway. Even most fish know that. The fish will call any King of course and could maybe call AA or QQ once to a contibet but that's pretty much it. However, the fish will call a lot of turns that give him equity, at least that do in his mind, while the reg dominates his draw with his King or boat. So the obvious play that pretty much every reg should go for with a King (and his whole range against most players) is checking the flop and betting every turn. Our Turn steal bet might still work of course if noone has anything (then 8$ instead of pot is also enough) but once you get called I would assume you are beat at least like 95% of the time.

    Again: It makes PERFECT sense for him to have ANY combo with a King here, also QQxx and only sometimes AAJT or something like that as you also say in the video. But that's really the only thing that might fold the river after it calls the turn. And even AAxx might call the river if you pot both streets. If you think about it, why should he call the turn with AAxx if he wants to fold the river? It's a way ahead/way behind spot for him and he knows that you either bluff two streets or none. Of course it turns into a mind game then but I'd say that he hass AA so few times compared to the times he has us beat that it doesn't matter too much. To me this play is a complete spew.
  • Skodljivec


    Hi drPepper,

    the assumptions are based on experience there. Most players bet these boards close to 100%. Why? Because they mostly have air, and with the air they like the result you described; getting 2 folds.

    So while checking back a king there often makes sense, it's not what your avarage plo100 player does.

    Keep in mind you have to bet a king there from time to time, especially a hand like AK or K7 for sure; if not you are just loosing value.


  • BonIver


    Good video ! Your language and eloquence is pretty nice and understandable. Keep up the good work ! amk
  • JackPot11




  • djuqpl


    good stuff
  • onoi4ik


    Люблю такие видео! Спасибо автору)
  • msp3101


    very interesting. thanx.
  • ilya3c


    Tight is right по итогу