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Tim64 is playing a mix of Spin&Go's starting from $1 to $30 focusing on player reads and typical ranges for opening, defending and all in. This things are very important when your edge is limited by the 25bb stack that you start with.


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  • brunoluis


  • madein1984


    7:13 you say you only have to be good rarely, but actually I think fold flop is better. I don't really see him donking anything weaker there except for a flush draw, still weak players like him will rarely just stop betting small when they are confronted with calls. so the pot was 120 on the flop and you essentially paid 100 to see that you are beat. I dont think you are good enough often on the river in this spot to make it profitable.
    17:00 don't you think raise/call is better here? He doesn't seem to stack off superloose vs big shoves over 10bb, and by minraising he might tiltshove worse 7x hands, after whining in the chat.
    31:25 pretty easy shove imo
    35:40 Don't you think you have enough showdownvalue to just check the river?
    37:15 what do you think of limp/shoving KTs here vs the aggressive opponent?
    39:20 again you shove a very strong hand with over 10bb, is that your general strategy? I would minraise to induce shoves with worse hands with about any Ace and 10-14bb.
    Very nice vid, many nice explanations!
  • Factcont05


  • Flashman1849


    One great thing about Spin and Goes is that no one can table-select, which must on some level be less intimidating for casual players (and less work for regulars); maybe PokerStars could extend this to traditional STTs.
  • Lizzi19


    Really nice vid! Nice voice, nice explanations & nice play. Just started 2 play this Spin&Gos and realy enjoy them. Hope 4 more content
  • RaucheCh1987


    Nice video. Many very good explanations... I think the first video showing that the Spin%Go's are not stupid gambling...
  • Lmntrix01


    Nice video. Nice explanations and nice play. . . Hope for more content
  • MrTrocks


    good vid. what i would like too see next time that u summarising your thoughts in the end of the vid (do´s and dont´s etc)
  • slapADONK66


    very usful informationt aken on boat an may use int eh near by futurre thank you
  • Kriegphilosopher


    Hey man, good video. Could you provide your spin n go graph or perhaps make some video regarding spin and go expecation / comparison with HU HT? I´m thinking about relocating poker business from HU to spins and don´t have enough information to make out what´s gonna be more +EV decision.
  • deralte71


    Nice video.
  • Tim64


    @#2, Hi madein1984 and thanks for the comments :)
    h1, These spots are always tough. The question is what hands do we fold when lead into? With no reads on a player, it's very hard to know exactly what he donks. If he can donk a flushdraw for 1/3 pot and force us to fold our overpair, he is really taking advantage of us. On the turn, we'd fold for any normal size bet, because we really beat very little. But we are getting 11:1. Given how rarely we need to be good and the fact that we can still hit 2 Jacks for the nuts, the call is fair. Otr, of course we can fold but we need to factor in both the odds and the "value of the information". It's clear that villain is bad since his betsizing is very poor (whatever his hand). Given that we can't be certain that he isn't donking 3 streets with pocket 7s.
    h2. "don't you think raise/call is better here?". This is exactly where we see the value of the information we received in the pocket Js hand (discussed above). That hand tells us that our opponents is a recreational player because of the bad betsizing. Recreational players don't 3b light HU as a rule, but they do flat a lot for around 10bb eff (unlike regs). So, we can't be sure that r/c vs this player is profitable and we're also likely to be playing A7o post flop which is nothing we want to be super excited about.
    h3: Nash is K3s+ so the K2s is a correct fold. We could shove and argue that neither is calling nash (reasonable) but we're certainly not forced to take the -0.22 spot.
    h4: "Don't you think you have enough showdownvalue to just check the river". It's a good point; we definitely have some showdown value. The problem is that only by betting can we get him to fold some of his 6x and 3x hands. He may even fold Ax (although that's ambitious). The other problem is that if we don't lead river we tell him we don't have Ax or Kx. And then he can decide to bluff us when we don't have enough sdv to ch/call.
    h5: Limp/shoving here should be good, too. I would prefer to l/shove hands like 22-66 since they have less playability or indeed A2-A7, though. (It's almost a "waste" of such a nice hand to limp shove ;)
    h6. Definitely, we can certainly induce here. We have to be careful though: if we induce with any Ax for 10-14bb then whenever we choose to shove at this stack depth we represent a weaker "capped" range and our opponent can exploit us by calling wider than nash.
  • Tim64


    @#5 Agreed, I think that would really re-ignite the sng world!
  • Tim64


    @#9 Thanks and yes, a summary would have been useful - I'll aim to incorporate next time.
  • Tim64


    @#11 Thanks and yes of course. Here is the graph I put in my blog, recently: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?postid=1959872#post1959872
  • 145852


    this was helful
  • sihoki


  • sihoki


  • Vinny80


    I really liked this vid, hopefully you can make more spin and go vids in the future!
  • lreedul123


    wow nice
  • ghaleon


    38:20 JJ: If villain is using small 3bet in balanced way its often pretty polarized. Some regs do it more widish range with like some of mediocre broadways they want to 3bet with, but more often premiums and some trashy hands that are too weak to shove or flat.
  • ghaleon


    I think one 4x is actually better than expectation would be during 5 games :)
  • kirane


    deffo handy, would like more of this format covered for sure
  • turbo2014


    😀nem semmi
  • Glladioluss


  • TudurachiLiv


    Good video
  • DerIkeaElch


    Very nice video, good work!
  • szczelon


    Of course good job, nice vid
  • Arunciuz


  • Guernica59


    let's crush the spin and go on pokerstars !


  • CharlieSh


    Nice Vid. Is there a reason why do you contibet bigger vs the tight opponent (the last one)?
  • linda82


    sorry but in english here is not my Favorit.
  • qKels


    suna compramitator
  • qKels


    cam ciudat
  • danyclub80


    so and so this video
  • davycanelas


    liked this video. tnks
  • Tim64


    #33 @CharlieSh, which hand did you mean? I think I was advocating betting bigger vs passive players. The idea is that a passive player is not likely to raise unless he has a really strong hand, whereas a more aggressive player will sometimes react to a small bet by raising because he sees "weakness". So, since we don't expect to get bluff raised, but often called, we'll bet more against calling-station players in general. Thanks for posting!
  • WhiteBrain


    Very nice video.
  • FishAndChipz


    great video
  • MetalistULTRAS


    A wonderful video, thanks a lot!!!