Raise the River Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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Somnius comes back with continuation of his previous two series: "Flip the flop" and "Twist the turn". This time he is looking into situations where we complete the action with aggression on the river by going all in or check raising. If you missed the previous series you can find them here: Flip the Flop and Twist the Turn.


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Comments (5)

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  • eddymurphy


    nice teaching method...this is my first time read this method and I have been tried on freeroll...it's really work...especially when at the middle stage & late stage until the final table....it really give our opponent a shock therapy when they think they already have the best hand & curious going to showdown lol
  • Tredix


    Very nice. A simple and solid game is enough to crush the lowest stakes and move up!
  • Monvin


    Good advice
  • bleier


    why are some bronze level russian donks commenting here who cant even see the video?

    I gave the video 1 star. I agree with the advice of abusing unbalanced regulars but this video advocates shoving huge amounts on these ridiculous boards.

    Since he only has to call our shove about 36% of time in all these examples even the laggiest spewiest donks arent gonna make a lot of mistakes on the river. Try that move against anyone who opens under 40% from the CO and/or doesnt barrel those blanks and you are burning money.

    (Is this some level to get people play worse?)
  • alendelon911


    nice video