Introduction to PokerJuice - live webinar with Kyyberi and Nikolaj Borge

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The PokerJuice software combines math, simulations and intuitive design, allowing experienced Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) players to conduct fast and accurate analysis directly in the hand replayer.


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  • juniordmel


    nao entendi muito bem
  • RASI99


  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Kyyberi just one question on what happens on 30:53 it says villain stacks off 51.8% of the time and when he does, we will have avg equity of 37% (I understand so far) but then why does it say it will fold 48.2% of the time with our average equity being 70%? Shouldnt that be 100% then if villain folds or am I missing something? Thanks for answering
  • PokerJuice


    Hi FlyingDutchm1n,

    You understand it (almost) correct! What PokerJuice shows you in that spot is that vs. Villains folding range to our shove we have 70% equity.

    But it is correct that when the EV of a shove is calculated it doesn't matter what your average equity is versus his folding range since

    Villain folds in that scenario. But the information is interesting to have displayed in the analysis before shoving since you gain in the long run by folding out as much equity as possible (like you do when you for example shove a naked wrap).
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Ah ok thank you so much for your answer. Really cool software, will seriously consider when moving past the microest of micro stakes : )
  • CozmaCzm


  • royalfx


    Many thanks.
  • KosttuxxRNMD


    thhanks a lot