Lemon, Vonki and Pleno get funky

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In the first episode of the Community Live show, Lem0n is joined by the infamous vonki. They will discuss fun topics as Goal Setting, Dating as a pro, look for nice videos and search the forums for the most interesting blog - all in a very laid-back style while playing some Spin and Go's for fun. They will also have Patrick "pleno1" Leonard as a special guest, so tune in and watch it.


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  • KTU


    vonki, I'm her fan :)
  • vonki


    Awww :-)
  • mosiek79


  • serverm07


    Hey guys, only 10 minutes in so far but wanted to leave some feedback and advice. @Lemon You seem to be doing a good job leading the conversation, asking questions, knowing when to give up the mic and when to doing the talking. I think you will obviously improve as you do more of these. Turn off the damn pokerstars sound next time please.
    @vonki You are making really great points so far about poker and the values it can teach you in order to become a successful poker pro. However when you introduce pleno or any other guest, I think it's a better idea to either do some research on that person before the show or ask them to tell you some stuff in private. I think it's a bit awkward for a person to brag themselves up especially a humble guy like pleno. He is not going to come on and be like oh yea I won 300k playing mtts, I'm #1 in mtts in the world etc etc or at least it will be awkward for him to do that.
    @pleno You are not a human, go back to your planet.
  • serverm07


    Oh and you guys both seem energetic and enthusiastic about all of this, maybe a bit more next time so imo perfect duo to run this thing. I got to finish this one before the next one hopefully.
  • LemOn36


    Thanks for the feedback serverm07!
    I turned the sound down but it'll be off next time completely, stars sounds are like breathing when you play yourself- something I don't even notice it's there anymore :)
  • LemOn36


    And lol@Pleno not being human, it was really great having him, thanks Pleno! I've used the advice he gave right away myslf :)
  • brmail


  • gadget51


    Just a nice job all round and most entertaining even for a grumpy fuddy-duddy like me. What a good scalp getting the mighty pleno first show. Gg, more please!
  • nathanrenard


    vonki will always be my poker hero ;)
  • turbo2014


  • Kasevich


    Нужно было учить английский в школе)
  • pavellllllll


    Почем стол такого маленького размера и с краю, а весь экран пустой, неужели нельзя записать нормально. Такое ощущение, что вообще не играют, а на фоне кликают.
  • lordvolodia


    good video. thanks
  • royalfx


    Vonki will be my hero :3