How to analyze range vs range efficiently

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To analyze a situation with the range vs range approach can be a mess. See how Will Tipton is using equity distribution graphs to find a efficient structure. Enjoy!



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  • Baracchinghi


    I've read both your books and now i'm studying them and i think they are the "best thing" i've ever read about poker (after math of poker of course). Thanks for your work .
  • KTU


    Will is one of my heroes too :) Nice Work and I like the usage of equity distribution graphs in this way. #RocketScience
  • awesomeo


    Great video. Looking forward to the next one.

    Btw can someone tell me how to do the remove range from bigger range thing in vim or somewhere else?
  • Zatox11


    One of the best videos I have seen in a while, cant wait for part two ;)
  • kurrkabin


    When should we expect second part? p.s. Please, write next time as opposed to drawing the alphabet :P Very happy to see high quality content, hopefully we get to see more of you.
  • Lucker9200


    really goood stuff , would love to see more
  • SvenBe


    @kurrkabin: the 2nd part will come very likely in the 1st week of February.
  • cubigialai


  • KosttuxxRNMD


    would be great is someone can help me to build my bankroll.
  • pearlamb


    Medo e ansiedade levam à perda de foco. E perda de foco põe a execução da estratégia em risco
  • silvy187999


    sorry in english is not the best for me.
  • Nastyxa


    Да если бы я еще английским понимала бы то ваще супер было бы !:)))
  • linda82


    englih is not my Favorit here, sorry.
  • Sepurta


    I would love to watchi this with silver :(