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Our coach Stasia42 presents a webinar this evening on how to defend in position against a variety of players from different positions. He will highlight how to adjust our game plan in scenarios such as: defending vs UTG open in HJ/CO/BU, defending vs HJ open in CO/BU, defending vs CO open from BU.


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  • eslchr1s


  • eslchr1s


    Sadly there was no chapter about overcalling. Can you go into that as well? For example UTG opens, CO calls and i am on the button... what hands should I squeeze, what hands should I overcall?
  • ssiversen


    Thanks, very helpfull. How many hands do we need to have on villan for us be able to base our defence ranges on his positional RFI stats?
  • Stasia4242


    @Esl - The Webinar is the 1st out of many, first we need to go through the basics before moving on to advanced Theory such as defence in MW pots :}
  • Stasia4242


    @SSiversen - Up until 20 hands = Vacuum
    20 hands is enough for initial Player Type
    50 hands is good enough to decide should you 3bet linear or polarised with good hands
    200 hands+ is prob enough for Eploitive play


    For exaple - if BU opened 2/7 this is prob enough to start :}
  • eslchr1s


    Cool, thanks Stasia! Really looking forward to the other Webinars. All the best for the new year!
  • Saren113


    I think I am in love, it's the first time of being of the same gender. Nah but very clear thought process, and this video will help many players to improve even further. Thanks for the video.
  • kacsa1st


    cool content! waiting 4 the next 1!
  • Stasia4242


    @Saren - Love is the purest form of Energy, no matter of race or gender, Thanks a LOT! :}

    @Kacsa - Next one will be at Tuesday, 13.1 , Book in your Schedule :}
  • Turuntor


    Well thought out content end nice explanations. A joy to watch even afterwards. However, I thought to bring up an alternative view of thinking into discussion concerning one of your points.

    Namely your rule-of-thumb for total IP defending ranges gives values that could be considered very tight. This view is not mine but taken from from Matt Jandas reasonably recent book "Applications of No Limit Holdem". There they try to derive pre-flop ranges that would make theoretical sense. It's interesting that your ranges that are taken from real observed data differ so much from these. I'm not qualified to say who is actually more right here.

    The main difference is that they recommend total defending ranges of 79%-106% IP outside blinds, whereas your rule-of thumb gives only 50%. Maybe this is not so important as I assume the additional hands could be more or less marginal and it could be nearly the same what you do with them.

    What is more striking, however, is that you recommend defending less than 100% of the SB opening range in BB, approaching that limit in favourable conditions. This seems quite nitty to me. After all, the BB is in position, the pot is guaranteed to be heads-up and the BB has already money in. If the ranges were the same, I would expect the BB to be a clear favourite because of the position. Adding the dead money strongly suggests that the BB should have the wider of the ranges here, by a wide margin. Also Janda is on these lines, recommending a 62% BB range (of all hands) vs 36% small blind open. That is 170% in relative terms.

    Why the SB range is so tight here is that they assume 3,5BB open size. Lower sizing would make both of the ranges wider and probably make the relative difference smaller than 170%. However, it would make sense the BB to have a clearly wider range in any case.
  • Stasia4242


    @Turuntor - Great Reply!

    Were you watching live this webinar?

    AS I mentioned several times, those Thumb-Rules of Defending ~1/2 the Open-Raise range are the "Minimal Defence Ranges" (IMO),

    Meaning that defending *LESS* than these ranges will result in a losing NITISH game-style.

    Those Ranges are the base out of which your own poker game should be built, obv towards the wider side, as you gather and collect usefull information on your Opponents and their tendencies.

    Again, those thumb-rules should be used only when no Information (Vacuum) is available on your opponents, and are aimed towards players with less experience and post-flop abilities such as reading board-textures, thinking in combinations, understanding tight and wide ranges and how they hit every flop etc.

    Even in those Tight thumb-rules, you can see that as our position improves we are defending more than 50% of the open-raise range,

    For example VS a CO 25% RFI, I reccomend defending around 16% in total from the Dealer position in Vacuum (~65%).

    Point being is that the more players left to act after you, the trickier the spots you'll be involved in, the more mistakes novice and semi-advanced players will make...

    BBvsSB is a special-spot, which I have a whole lesson (#5) devoted too. I have a LOT to say about this position, but in Vacuum, novice players that will defend 100% of the SB range will find themselves usually playing mostly Capped ranges in 2bet-pots, VS Uncapped ranges. Furthermore, they will be the passive defender, trying to fight against the initiative and aggression of the SB, which may or may NOT lead to a +EV spot...

    I personally fight with full-power VS SB that opens more than 42%, and I can tell you that many regs limp vs me from SBvsBB (HIHI), so OBV there is a big difference between Vacuum and Exploitive play...


    I've also read Matt Janda's book and found it very useful and informative. I think that his book was written to try and figure out how good regs should play VS other good regs, and for that purpose his proposed ranges are sufficient and Balanced,

    Not sure that playing his ranges VS 100nl / 200nl zoom players would be a Strategy that maximizes your profits though, esp without sufficient Hand History Database...


    Thanks for feedback, MUCH appreciated!
  • Turuntor


    No, I didn't watch it live. Neither am I a too serious player myself, but I find the theoretical side interesting. That's why I liked listening your clear reasonings a lot. In practice I don't have enough interest to really delve into the practical side because mastering that would require so much work and many hours.

    It's true that in order defend theoretically plausible wide ranges, you would need to be skilled in post-flop play. And I recognise that this is the part that clicks most for someone like me, and realistically it is better to back up a little and play tighter. On the other hand, you could argue that the same goes also the other way round. The more skill edge you have over your opponent, the wider ranges you should be able to play profitably, even beyond the theoretical optimum for equally skilled players.

    The some words regarding the two possible meanings of "vacuum". In theory, I would think the GTO-like ranges should be what one would play in a total vacuum where nothing is known about the opponents. I guess what you mean by vacuum is the practical vacuum, where you know that your opponents are most likely to play according to population tendencies. Then it, of course, makes most sense to exploit these tendencies or even play in a way that is sufficient to defend against the typical ranges and strategies. This is what matters in practice, but some weird people are also interested in the more academic question of ranges for the total vacuum, even if they can't play.

    And what comes to the question of the Janda's ranges being optimal for practical Zoom. Even with my limited expertise I dare to say that they most certainly do not maximise your profit. The player pool is certainly far away from the optimal, and naturally the Janda's ranges are not GTO either, even though they are somehow plausible. GTO in loose terms as we are dealing with multi-player games at least in principle.

    In summary: we don't seem to disagree on anything. I just wanted to do some nit-picking on the words and the practically less relevant aspects.
  • Stasia4242


    @ Turuntor - Agreeing + Discussion = NUTS [in real life]

    I agree with the 2 Vacuum Definitions, and want to add a 3rd one-

    3. Vacuum = We don't know what the other guy is doing
    We don't know ourselves what to do in many spots, esp post-flop, but also pre-flop, esp with the bottom of our ranges (exists everywhere)


    prob is better to just FOLD PRE :}
  • serga777


  • StAllin


    Wow, its one of the amazings Videos they I ever saw!! A friend tell me that is goood, but it is nearly perfect!! 1. Imortantent for me: I can understand ur english so easy, its only my 3rd language so i spaek it not very well. 2. I love to see you on the cam, so its not bored, when u only look 5 min to the same picture!! 3. U are very exactly overall, i like this, I hate: Ok this is the fish we call more... U say waht this more is!! So I hope that I can see more of u and i wait hard for the next Video!! Thank u so much Stasia!!
  • linda82


    soooooo sorry guys but in english is too hard for Me !!!!!
  • alendelon911


  • StAllin


    @ linda 82, my einggish is also very bad, and im sure if I can understand it, everybody else can understand it, if he learn it 1-2 years at scool ^^
  • Stasia4242


    @ Serga - nzshto :P


    @STALIN - Thank YOU very much for feedback, I try to speak a very VERY simple English,

    I call it "Hebrish",

    a combination of Hebrew & English...:}

    It is actually a direct Google translate from Hebrew to English,

    Very Funny :P


    @Linda - What language would you prefer? :-%


    @AlenDelon - TYTY
  • Stasia4242


    Guys Just So YOU Know,

    Part 2 had already been released :}


    Live Coaching Thread & Schedule:


  • EpicFail86


    Very nice coaching. its like u said, some Coaches are very boring but u are in ur way very likeable! :)
    Very good idea wo have the Webcam on and its nice that u are speaking so loud and clear.
    Keep on the good work, next time i will be in the Live-Coaching!
  • Stasia4242


    @Nubka - TX!

    @Epic - TX a LOT! :P
  • biddlem


    very nice video, gl n hf creating more as much useful materials :)