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A short introduction video from confidant91 where he plays 2 tables at Nl10 Zoom poker on PokerStars. He is playing without a HUD focusing on a solid game preflop and posflop, explaining all the decisions he takes based on math facts and all the reads that beginner players can do also when they play to crush the micros.


live play PokerStars posflop preflop solid game Zoom

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  • delije1984


  • Gaabeesz


    Good job!
  • royalfx


    I just started now shorthanded, instresting.
  • Spidey1978


    NIce to meet you Confidant - I look forward to your other videos and hopefully even catching a coaching or two.
    Will you always play zoom in your vids/coaching?
  • silvy187999


    bestimmt ein intressantes video aber nicht für mich auf englisch :-((
  • makuta


    good video!
  • confidant91


    Thanks guys for all that great words, hope that u are coming to coachings as well :)
  • Glladioluss


  • Haldamir


    Der scheint ziemlich Selbstbewusst und 1991 geboren zu sein. Kann mich aber auch Irren.
  • 8nitik8


    Great Video guy,thanks!
  • Barbosafred


    acho que nao percebi
  • dreamtime


  • Zugwat


    Auf Deutsch wäre es mir auch lieber gewesen ;P
  • juniodias26


    esses vídeos deveriam obter a tradução para o português BR
  • stretchi187


    solides video nur halt auf englisch aber was solls.
  • Zugwat


    be nice to see you playing NL25 on your regular room. It's always more useful to see how to play as a regular because we are most of the time regulars :)
  • confidant91


    Thx guys,

    batyrasiya- send me private message in communication tool here on psgy so we can exchange skype.
  • batyrasiya


    Привет Confidant91!
    Как Здоровья! Извините где с Вами можно общаться.
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  • ArcLing


    thank's ! this video really help me! I want see more your VODs but maybe next time with HUDs ?
  • ThomasT88


    cool vid btw
  • Ksped84


    great video!! :)
  • confidant91


    #19 Basicly everybody who plays only 1 table is a weak player, all regs are masstabling, so i would start value beting lighter and i wont be bluffing that much. If he playes 2 and more tables or he blocks the ability to be find he is usually reg so i just start playing more balanced vs him.

    #20 Thx, always happy to see that somebody liked it :)
  • DBronstein


    Nice video!
  • garynicol85


    A few times you did a search on a player to see what games he was playing. What information did this give you and how would it adjust your play?
  • confidant91


    #16 You´re welcome! :)

    #17 If i understand u correctly the video doesnt work for u?
  • dinamo0


    у меня видео нету!!!
  • Pokerruudje


    Thanks for this video!
  • confidant91


    Thx #13, #14

    AJo is clearly exploit of tendencies that i am used to from ftp, fish almost always cbet ops so i can put him under the pressure. The thing about timing is probably the key here why would i prefer chekc turn as well now. Btw the river was meant that there is no reason for another bet cause we might be crushed. Still i would take a note and move on.

    QJo i agree with you that vs callign station it is clear value bet, hovewer lately on rush i have been meeting lots of fit or fold players so i took the safer variant.

    J9o i dont liek donk here, our hand is trash here and we have lots of better hands for donks here. I would just c/f. And actualy river sizing makes differenc, but still i would prefer agressive play on turn.

    QT, dont have the equilab here atm to check that. I dont think that his sizing here is way to strong, it is 2/3 sizing which is pretty standard actualy. We dont know anything about that player and especialy nothing about his bet sizings. Still the line with turning the hand into the bluff is reasonable.

    Seems that the video is after all benefitial even for me, so thx guys for a feedback :)
  • PROstarik


    Great Video guy :) Like (y)
  • Renes1s


    Great video man! Really good english for me sounds good and i can teach! Keep going and later we will move to Asia ;>
  • metza


    AJo hand at 7 min makes no sense at all, it is quite a significant mistake imo.

    You say you bet turn to fold out better hands, then check back A river because he can call AK/AQ on turn?? these can't both be true? Obviously on this brick turn you aren't folding out better hands and you know it :P

    The fish snaps you off on the flop pretty much as fast as humanly possible, this is also an important piece of information. The turn is a mega brick so there is no way you ever get better hands to fold here.
  • imfar


    It'd be nice to see you playing NL25 on your regular room. It's always more useful to see how to play as a regular because we are most of the time regulars :)
  • SvenBe


    @8: we attribute the origin & advertise the game, so no harm done. Main point is of course the poker content of the video - enjoy that one,too!
  • confidant91


    #7 red= player without a full stack-> weak player, probably a fish
    green= fish
    orange= reg
    i think that i havent used any other color in the video
  • FiltyCan


    Do you have the rights to use the picture of the Dark Confident by Ron Spears ?
  • sirilidion


    I don't understand your colorcoding. What does any color mean?
  • confidant91


    tukioppilas62: great to have a discussion here, but unfotunately i have an exam on thursday so i will try to answer u on thursday evening...stay tuned :)

    #4, 5 Ty!
  • mute20


    Welcome good to see new coaches in the community
  • coldchurch


    Great vid!
  • tukioppilas62


    I mean bluffraising the QT hand on the turn. (against a smaller betsize), true my experience ppl. tend to have big betsizing tells on microstakes and even on smallstakes which makes me want to fold the turn.
  • tukioppilas62


    Hi, thanks for the video I'd like to discuss some spots.

    I don't like the double barrel on 3b pot w. AJ against a fish after you call 3bet. ( villain is a mobile player they are atleast 95% fish.

    1) We often see fish slowplay overpairs
    2) I'm not sure if we can get him out of AQ, AK by doublebarreling (espec. on turn 3 which doesn't realy change anything)
    3) What do you realy rep there by betting twice? Most guys at nl10 don't vbet TT-JJ on the turn so basicaly you rep a ton of broadways and draws which would make me want to bluffcatch with AK, AQ at this stakes
    underrepping our hand on 16:30 with the QJ by checking back the turn. I strongly disagree with your line vs. a fish. I would definitely go for 3 streets of value any flush calls turn & river 1/2 pot bets. and most fish can't fold even top pair on turn.
    19:30 the line you took w. J9o vs a fish button limper is terrible. After villain checks twice back his range is mostly small pocketpair or ace high maybe K-high I don't see him folding anything expect K-high doesn't make a huge difference which sizing you use on the river. My line would be to donk the flop with our okay equity and barrel some overcard turn's sometimes hit and often win the pot straightaway. As played we should just give up the river.
    26:20 QT 3rd pair+gutshot I think you are clearly overvaluing your equity vs. villains range on the turn. Espc. his big sizing indicates he is most likely strong here and decreases the probabability that he has a draw. Even though if we expect him to be betting wide w. both diamond and spadedraws we are still a huge underdog w. our hand. Against a smaller bet I would consider turning our hand into a bluff and bluffing the river. We have the best blockers to do that and a weak pair + draw hand which would be pretty optimal as a bluff here.
  • freshbro


    Solid video mate.