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In this podcast, our NL BSS coach stasia4242 goes deep in analysing how to adjust your vacuum game-plan versus an open-raise in position based on various player types and ranges. He also comes with hand history examples to prove his theory.


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  • grechaniy


  • CraZzyManRNMD


    Спасибо за видео, многому научился. Смотрите, не пожалете
  • StAllin


    A very great Video, like to say the same things than i write also to the first Potcast!! My question: If i play 5 max, how the VPIP and the PFR grows by my oppenets? for example: You say a NIT has 14/11 and below. In 5 max. a Nit is maby VPIP 17-19 and PFR 13-15? Hand how it chances at the other types? Thank u very much stasia
  • DAemonT


    good video
  • Calin70


    Спасибо за видео
  • buschips


    Very entertaining and helpful Coaching. Thx Stasia
  • zmei112RNMD


    классное видео
  • marcosalison


  • goranect


  • goranect


  • alicho88


  • krigel77


  • krigel77


  • jumpink


    good video
  • jumpink


    can someone tell me how to make easy money :D
  • Stasia4242


    The Russian announcement will be followed by an English one :P

    @CraZzyMan | Calin70 | Zmei

    Bolshoya Sposiba Tovarishe, Horosho znat shto Ruskaya Poker Community zdes toje est :}
  • Stasia4242


    @ Stalin - Sick nickname hihi :]

    MMmm regarding how stats like VP-PFR change based on number of players at the table, there is no exact science...


    As I like to do, there are some "Thumb-Rules"...:P

    What you can do is to take the "normal 6-max" stats, and just multiply by the difference-ratio between 6max and other tables..


    For example:

    A NIT in 6max is around 14-11,
    the difference between 5max and 6max is
    6/5 = 1.2

    So NIT at 5max = 14*1.2 | 11*1.2 = 17-13


    9max relative to 6max is
    6/9 = 0.666

    So NIT at 9max = 14*0.666 | 11*0.666 = 9-7


    Hope this helps you,
    BOOM :-$
  • Stasia4242


    @DAemon | @Buschips | @Marco | @Goranect | @Alicho | @Jumpink

    Thanks guys for positive feedback! Much appreciated..

    Jumpink Eazzy Moneyyzzz grows on purple trees, just need to find them.
  • Stasia4242


    @Grechaniy | @Krigel

    Waf-Waf back at you, rrrr :P
  • makaj


    Content is good but you are talking waaay too slow and saying tons of basic things that even beginners know since 2007. Both videos in the series could have been less than 30 minutes long with the same material. There is no point in stretching it out so much. 10 minutes to figure out the type of player - just say it, you just saved 9 minutes and 59 seconds! Don't ask so many questions - the viewer is watching an hour of you waiting for chat responses we can not see. As a 20 minute video with the same content - great video. In this format - it just isn't worth the time.
  • StAllin


    @ stasia #17, it helps me very much!! I love thumb rules, it makes complex things easier to understand!! Thank u very much stasia!!
  • Barsik231


    хорошее видео, спасибо автору
  • Stasia4242


    @makaj - When recording a video for PokerStrategy all you said is true,

    In this case,

    Live watchers >> Non-Live watchers,

    The chat is an essential part of the Live Coaching,
    So does asking questions to make sure if everyone understand.

    Regarding "Basic Things", well I guess it's all relative, I personally think that Talking slow and simple, helps to clarify things that might be "Obvious", such as Player Types etc.

    Anywayz sry for wasting your time :P
  • Stasia4242


    @Stalin - Great to hear, Thunmb-Rules Rulzzz
  • Stasia4242


    @Barsik - Sposibo tibe! :]
  • Oiad


    Hi Stasia42,

    I don't understand why you choose to deviate from the slide "Vs Nit" when you flat AK on the button vs "CO nit". Is it only because is better (you make more money) to exploit the squeezer than CO?

    Thank you.
  • davidnguyenct


    Great to have you with us, hope you'll enjoy your stay with PokerStrategy.comIf you need any advice or help don't hesitate to shout.
  • Stasia4242


    @Oiad - Not sure that I understood the question...

    If you ask what would I do with no Loose Squeezer at the Blinds,
    Then I would prob do the same,
    Seems like playing the hand in a deep 2bet-pot IP
    3betting the hand, making the CO folding a LOT,
    calling mainly 22-QQ, ATs-AQs,
    4betting mostly KK, AA, maybe AK
  • Stasia4242


    @David - TX for greetings, Good to have you with us too :]
  • Oiad


    You understood perfectly. But, at this point, why you suggest to 3bet AK in your slides referred against a nit?

    If my question isn't clear again, I'll try to reformulate it in a better way.

    Thank you.
  • stretchi187


    only BLACK Member and in english not my Favorit :))
  • Stasia4242


    @Oiad - Very clear this time :}

    My slides are a Vacuum Situation VS a NIT, where I think he can Open hands like AJ, AQ, and call to a 3bet

    In this spot, VS an easy to fold to 3bet NIT (Out of Vacuum #1)
    Deep stack spot (200bb+) where a 4bet will enforce me to call IP (Out of Vacuum #2)
    Super-Capping my range from the Dealer after I just call (Unlike in 100bb pot - Out of Vacuum #3)


    calling the 2bet >> 3betting >> Folding to the open-Raise

    OBV 3Betting will result into a very +EV spot,

    Just figured calling is more...

    OBV the Squeezer in the blinds helps, making it even more ++EV "just call" than in a HU spot,

    Where I will be more pondering about Call/3Bet and might 3bet in the end (sometimes).


    Hope this answers your question.
  • Oiad


    Thank you again for your time and your exhaustive answer.
  • Stasia4242


    @Oiad - Hihi NP :}
  • ototot13


  • StAllin


    its a very good video to understand how to play preflop and how you can get away from playing to many hands like a fish!!