NL $25/$50 SH Live Video

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25 - $50
  • Shorthanded
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Live Video

Comments (14)

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  • iamthis


    are you kidding? what the fuck is this? can't see the teensy tables much less the cards.
  • mikelstwe


    try selecting full-screen mode maybe?
  • Tjablonsky


  • biancacr01


    wtf cant understand what he is saying, gay accent
  • eszibit


    very nice video,but on the KJ hand when u go all in i think one of them will always have u beat i don't see any worse cards calling that shove..
  • Instinctively


  • Alexpoker26


    lucky call when you got KJ vs K4

    lucky river
  • travoltaJOHNy


    #4 clean your ears. Hasenbraten's videos are the best.
  • LemOn36


    Hasenbraten has gone a really long way since he started making videos for PS.

    The Annoying sounds are gone (although sound was kinda on/off last 4 minutes), the annoying equity calculation on every single damn hand, and the fact he stopped playing like a huge nit made him a really good video maker :)
  • dulo80


    It is a great video!
    Good job!
  • jozata


    those of you who dont like hasenbraten's videos should either give some constructive feedback or go waste or go jack off somewhere else.
  • jozata


    #5 So what do you think is the right play then?Should he fold on the flop with the great odds he is getting or should he play call flop,check/fold turn since the other two players have more or less a pot-size bet left?In my opinion shoving on the flop is the play with the highest EV.
  • Zach17


    KJ ,i think that was easy fold!
  • hardo


    Love it!Keep them comming please!