Let's Twist Again...

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Our SNG coach Tim64 is back with part three of his series on variable prize pool SNGS. In this episode he is taking on Twister Poker from iPoker, focusing on how to identify and exploit weaker players as well as discussing typical ranges to get you started.


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  • pianist8716


    awesome movie, let's watch it
  • cHaOsToxxic


    thanks for this video. liked to watch it :)
  • Kummerkarsten


    i really love your videos! keep on doing stuff ike that!
  • eltatu13


  • babypoker55


    Good teachings want to try these out. Want to focus and win a bunch of turbos. Have fun and good luck at the tables guys. :)
  • tishkata24


  • Extramask


    Very nice content!
  • simon1312


    i really love these videos! keep on with the videos and the good work!
  • ecki89


    very nice video! but may have such videos in german please!
  • Pnika163


  • Sollobon


  • Arunciuz


    I would never fold my trips against such a maniac as Dwan, he pretty much can have anything there.
  • Guernica59


    thanks for that i always wanted to play spin and go
  • gozilcho


  • Cadin22


    Nice game!
  • bankeeer


    nothing interesting
  • MauroAndre


    Let's Twist Again... like we did last year, twist poker forever +
  • jumbocar66


  • lando1


    That has really been a very good video, although I am not a great fan of this twister poker stuff.
  • davidnguyenct


    . Thanks to the Pokerstrategy.com and good luck to your team.
  • ghaleon


    33:50 76: Hand is shove upto 10.7bb in nash and this player is likely calling tighter than nash so push push :)

    58:00 T7: Flop and turn are fine, but betting river make little sense. Not much villain can call with. If he has 9x his pair is counterfeited by table. Maybe he can call some high card hand. So I think check-call would give more value and we wont get in this sort of getting raised spot.

    Maybe he could check back straight and call with it, but I think recreational player can also easily try to value bet straight there.
  • chaparrito77


    What do you prefer Twist or Spin?
  • Wonder1


    Both of them
  • Glladioluss


    Thanks, nice video
  • royalfx


  • Tim64


    @#39 ghaleon, Thanks I agree the T7 was misplayed on the river. On reflection I think that a bet is correct b/c we have a full house and villain's quick ch/b on the turn suggests he isn't going to bluff here much, so using a fh as a bluffcatcher isn't ideal. However I think we should bet less (100-120) and just be willing to fold to most size raises. It's unlikely he raises worse so I think bet/f is fine. It would be nice if he could station off K high or some weirdly played Ax or QQ type hand which he won't bet himself.
  • Tim64


    @#39 ghaleon, Quite right - definitely a good push; thanks!
  • pro100slevin




  • Zugwat


    They always have the Nuts. Alwayssssss.
  • MIM1C


    Love your vids
  • JAHLIVE89100


    I am regularly going to revise it, thank you for your coaching
  • TuraniG


    Nice video! Thank you for your great lessons
  • tonypmm


    @26:15 - It was great sportsmanship that you started discussing the hand at all; the optimal BTN play when your opponent is disconnected is of course to have the mouse pre-hovered on where the raise button is gonna appear and snap-minraise with any two.
  • TheFace92


    Best Twister video, please make more! THANKS A LOT!!!! :)